Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cash Cow Exploding Gift Box

My sister, Tila, has asked for cash in lieu of gifts or even a birthday luncheon this year.  I wanted a fun way to present it.  I decided on an exploding box!

I let the crafty Renee choose my colors for me.  She is hostessing a color challenge this week on her blog, I Came, I Saw, I Created.  You can see it by clicking here!  (I cheated ever-so-slightly by also using some prints with it from All Wrapped up that added a bit of red and yellow, but the majority of colors on my project used her blue-pink-orange combo!)

I have never made an exploding box before, but I had the idea of a tiny 'cash cow' inside with the money.  I set out to learn how to make this kind of box and found a great little tutorial on Enfy's blog, Going Buggy. You can see it by clicking here!  I followed Enfy's instructions on the box except for inner-most layer.  I wanted that layer to be diagonal so I sized it to be a 2-1/4" diamond base that would be adhered to the square bases.  For that layer, I started with a 6-3/4" square, scoring at 2-1/4" increments and cutting out the corner squares like the others.  For the lid, I cut an 8" square from All Wrapped Up and followed the directions from her tutorial to put it together.

For the shapes on the inside orange flaps, I cut medallions from All Wrapped Up at 3" and topped them with blue punch cuts from the large Martha Stewart sunburst deep border punch.  (I cut on each side of a 2-1/2" strip of paper to create the sunburst).  I cut silly pictures of her kids and added them to the tops of each.

For the blue flaps, I cut medallions from All Wrapped Up at 1-1/2".  I glued rolled up money on two of them.  I wanted it to be easy to take off the money without ruining the box, so I wrapped the money in a strip of paper and attached it by putting a pop dot under the paper only.  (She can either pull off the rolled up money or scoot it out, leaving the paper strip.)  I later added butterflies to the plain medallions.

My cow is from Noah's ABC Animals, cut at 1-3/4" on the Expression.

To attach it to the box, I cut a little square of paper and cut in slits under each leg.  I slipped in her little feet and glued them in place on the back.  I attached the square to the box using 1/16" pop dots since the feet poking through would prevent the square from adhering flush.

I cut a tag using a punch from a piece of Cricut clam shell acetate that I recycled.  I trimmed it down to remove any extra acetate.

To that, I adhered butterflies, cut using a Martha Stewart punch.  I used E6000 glue to attach the butterflies to each side of the acetate.  I attached the butterfly-covered acetate to the middle layer of the 3D cow using a strip of Terrifically Tacky Tape, scooting it down inside the cow to hide the tape.

For the outside of the box, I cut 1" strips of cardstock for ribbon.  I attached the "ribbon" to the lid separately so the lid would still easily pull off of the box.

For the bow, I used the tutorial by Linda at the Paper Boutique.  You can see it by clicking here.

For the tag, I used the butterfly tag on All Wrapped Up, cut at 2".  I printed my sentiment on the reverse side so that it would make sense to her when she found a cow inside:  "For your birthday, we thought you would like a cash cow."

I attached the bow and tag to the box lid using the bow's construction brad.

This was fun, and for my first one, I liked it.  If you want to ever feel inadequate as an exploding box maker, I suggest checking out Elaine's Magic Boxes (click here).  Wow-- she is a magician with these!  So much fun to see and the main reason I had to have floating butterflies in mine.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Go Victoria! Go Navy!

This is a card I made for Victoria, the daughter of a crafter from the Cricut Circle message board who is currently in Navy boot camp!

I used Paper Doll Teen Scene to create a cheerleader of sorts, cutting two at 6".  (The extra cut is for spare parts so I could figure out what was needed as I went!)  I separated the head from the body, using all layers for the head, but only the flesh-colored layer for the body.  This allows for the illusion of a chin and added dimension.  I hand-cut the nose and mouth.  I added a few more locks of hair to the ponytail and a couple of notches from the bangs.  I cut off the arms and re-adhered them from my second cut the so that they would be farther from the body and at a different angle.  I bent the hands down so they could hold a banner.

The clothing was cut from the cartridge, with a few hand-drawn details and inking.  I added a waistband to the low-hanging pants to raise the waist.  I cut the legs twice so that both legs would have edges that I could ink to give them a little dimension.

I hand-cut the flip-flops.

The Naval emblem and Navy banner were found on Google Images.  The hat was cut from Stand and Salute at 3/4" and then trimmed down a bit by hand.  The body is adhered flat, allowing the banner to pull away from the surface 1/4".  The head is raised 1/16".  I cut a series of mats from solid and printed papers, printing "Go Victoria" on the edge of the yellow mat.

The inside sentiment was printed using my computer and printer.

I sized the card to fit in an envelope I had.  I was told that colors or decorations on the envelope would force Victoria into extra push-ups--- so this is the most bland piece of mail I have ever sent!  (The very idea of push-ups, much less EXTRA push-ups, makes me cringe!)

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But wait!  There's more!  Click 'older posts' above!