Thursday, February 6, 2014

Owl Band With You, Valentine!

My kiddo and I took advantage of the recent snow days to create her class valentines.  She wanted to make Rainbow Loom bracelets for the 'treat' part of the valentine so that became our theme.

We learned to make these bracelets by watching a video found on the Loom Love blog (click here to see it).  It says "challenging" but is is not-- I promise! (It is the first bracelet I learned to make, in fact, after my daughter got her Rainbow Loom!)  She banded until 7" of rope formed (usually she makes bracelets 6" but these are stiff and structured so 7" fit my almost-ten-year-old perfectly).

I found a few different Valentine ideas on Pinterest that used the "band with you" text, but we wanted a cute theme too... so we went with a little pink owl image...and we got a little silly with the play on words.  I think that's a rule on Valentines, right?

To make the Valentines, we cut cardstock to 3" x 5" and stamped with a fabulous little Recollections faux bois stamp.  (I fell in love with this stamp!)  The owl is from Cricut cartridge Give a Hoot, page 28, cut at 2-1/2".  I used a teeny tiny Studio G punch for the micro heart on the owl.  I used a 'make your own stamp' kit that I found at Walmart for that campy font.  The benefit of using a stamp for the text over just printing it using a computer is that it is easy for kids to do it quickly.  We added letters to spell out:

Owl Band With You
From Piper

We are making the best of this super-long winter by crafting, spending time together, and taking lots of wintery pictures.  I know we will appreciate them more when it is a scorching July day though!  

Hoping you are safe and warm wherever you are!  Thanks for checking out my post today!

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