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Loom knitting is a new hobby to me!  As someone who has never been able to knit in the traditional way after decades of trying, I was overjoyed to pick up loom knitting quickly!  Using a loom to knit yarns is a bit like weaving, with pegs that hold yarn in place for stitches to be applied and slipped on or off, creating a fabric.  Projects can be completed with learning a single stitch, or lots of different stitches can be incorporated creating complexity and interest.  This is also what makes it a great craft for kids that will grow with them as their knowledge and ability allows it.

Making Granny Rounds -- Bolster and Hot Pad

My loom knitting posts on this blog:

I highly recommend this book and DVD to begin:

The DVD is segmented so that you can replay different sections as you need to see them again for casting on and off, e-wrapping -also known as a single sitch (ew), flat panel knitting, double knitting, and other techniques.  This was around $15 and purchased at Walmart.

I started by doing everything I saw in a doll size.  It was quick to see the results and used very little materials.  As an added bonus, I had a little girl who was thrilled with my efforts who encouraged me to try more stuff!  (Everyone needs a cheerleader!)

As I am learning, these are some video links that I have found helpful:

Favorite websites and Resources:

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But wait!  There's more!  Click 'older posts' above!