Thursday, August 30, 2012

Expanding Teddy Bear Parade for Even More Options!

What do these Cricut die cuts all have in common?

They are ALL made using Teddy Bear Parade!  

Yes, really!  The heads are from different cartridges, but the bodies are actually bear bodies which means they can wear all of those cute outfits on the Cricut Teddy Bear Parade cartridge!

That means that you get a little extra bang for your buck if you have cartridges like New Arrival or Doodlecharms!  Yippeeeee!  You may know that I like to mix up the carts a bit, but this is so, so, so easy-- much easier than my normal process.  ...And, it gives new life to older carts...and to have a full wardrobe and a full ark is just awesome in my opinion!!  

So, I started with a 2" bear, cut on my Expression, from Teddy Bear Parade (using the shift function cut).  Then, I looked through my carts to find those with heads that were separate from bodies.  Those are the easiest to use since there is nothing to cut away!  I immediately thought of Doodlecharms.  That cart has a dog, cat, and several others that are just perfect to 'morph' with a bear body!

In no time at all, I had these critters!

Cricut bugs, cats, dogs, frogs, koalas, monkeys, and babies!  Oh, my!!

I did a little trial and error on the first few, then I started getting the hang of how big to guess on the size of the head.  (But of course I list all of my sizes here so you don't have to guess when using this size.  For other sizes, just try to keep the ratio!)  It doesn't really matter-- sometimes a giant head is fun on a tiny body, but if you want to use a Teddy Bear Parade costume that includes a hat, the head size will matter depending on the design.  Other than matching up the new head with the teddy bear head, I also simply covered up the bear head and compared sizes to see which I liked best:

So, one at a time....

I paired the 2" bear body with a bug head I cut from Cricut Everyday at 1-3/4".  I cut double eyes so they would pop up!  The easiest way to attach the head is the keep a tab on when cutting off the bear head.  Then, you can use a pop dot to attach the new head or just glue it in place!

Then, you can dress him using any of the outfits on the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge, also cutting them at 2"!

You can even make him look like your favorite Cricut Collectible!  (Did you know that the illustrator who created the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge also created the Cricut Collectibles?  Check out Curt Jensen's blog by clicking here!  (For the Pink Journey guy below, I cut the pink ribbon from Pink Journey at 1/2".  I hand-cut the notch in the hands and added dots on the antennae made with an office hole punch.)

Next, the cat!

For the cat, I paired the 2" bear body with a head I cut from Doodlecharms at 1".  I hand-cut the tail and used ink and a sponge eyeshadow applicator to make his stripes.  How cool that the 'charm' animals on Doodlecharms can finally get bodies!!

For the dog, I paired the 2" bear body with a head from Doodlecharms at 1-1/2".  I cut the ears twice and popped up the ends but glued flush the part of the ear next to the head.  I used a regular gel black pen to add details and a white gel pen for the shine on the nose.

For the monkey, the 2" bear body was paired with a head from New Arrival at 2-1/4".  I cut the full body this time so I could 'steal' the tail!  

Here he is in a little costume from Teddy Bear Parade cut at the same 2" as the body.  That just cracked me up.  You can see that this hat would work on almost any head so the size and shape just didn't matter in this case.  

How about a frog?  

For the frog, I paired the 2" bear body with a head from New Arrival at 1-1/4" real dial size.  I was experimenting with Real Dial size, but this is the only one I used that on.  I found it just as easy to guess a bit by now!

I need to tell you that I have a little thing for the idea of a frog prince.  It started when my daughter was a baby and I did her bathroom in that theme.  She is eight now and she is going to have to keep that theme until she moves out for the simple reason that I love it!  So... here is my frog prince:

Previously, I created a set of note cards.  On that post, I mentioned how I created a panda from the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge.  (click here to see that project)  I made him again here, without the nose projection and I like him even more!

For the panda, I paired 2" bear bodies in black and white, hand-cutting to remove appendages on the white layer.  I also hand-cut out big ole panda eyes from the white layer (but you could just as effectively draw in those eyes).  I inked in black and used white gel pen for the eyes and shine on the nose.  I used black gel pen for the little sideways smile.  

Again, a little outfit was cut at 2" from the Teddy Bear Parade cart, since that was the cut size of the body.  I didn't use all the layers or all of the accessories.  And you know one of my favorite things about the way that this cart was done?  I love the colors used in the illustrations!  So easy to just do what is illustrated!

This guy was my daughter's favorite!  

Have you ever noticed those heads on Everyday Paperdolls and Paper Doll Dress Up?  I thought of how fun a baby would be!

For the baby, I paired the 2" bear body with a head I cut from Paper Doll Dress Up at 3-1/4".  I inked in pink and used a regular black gel pen for tracing cut marks for the eyes and mouth. 

Below, I used two of the MANY heads on Everyday Paper Dolls at 3-1/4".  That cart has lots of 'head only' cuts with many different expressions!  (Paper Doll Dress Up, in comparison, has only one 'head only' cut; the rest are full bodies).  I used the baby accessories from the Teddy Bear Parade.  Aren't you in love with that pacifier!!??  The diaper is from the New Years bear on that cart!  All cut at 2" to match the body size!  (By now, I know you are clear on the 2" size; I only mention for it for those who have not had the prescribed amount of coffee today and need it repeated!)  I put a little black and red paper behind the crying baby's mouth that I glue in place behind the head.  

These babies illustrate an important bonus you get by having a separate head:  you can tilt the head for effect, body language, and added fun!  A tilted head is only possible with a separate head!  How fun is that baby who is eyeing the other baby's bottle!  Both heads are tilted here.

So, I know what you are thinking.... What about all those animals you want to dress up that aren't found on a cart as just a head?  Well, why not cut the whole body and trim away the head?!  It is not as direct as "head only" cuts, but look at my koala!  (Koala was cut from Create-A-Critter at 1-3/4".  The head was removed after all layers were glued in place.)

The bodies are similar, but by having the teddy bear body, you can use the clothes on Teddy Bear Parade perfectly.  

But, maybe this isn't the best example.  ....What I really, really wanted was a pig!  No pig heads in sight.  So, I used the pig from County Fair.  This body is totally different from the bear body but works just like all the others when the head is removed!

For the pig, I paired the 2" bear body with a pig body I cut from County Fair at 2".  I cut off the pig head, using the cut itself as a guide.  I inked in black to make him a hard-working (dirty) pig farmer.  I used a black gel pen to draw in the eyes and nostrils.  The clothes are straight off the Teddy Bear Parade cart-- colors just as illustrated, and yep, cut at 2" just like the body (of course).

Truth be told, I didn't just snip off the tail.  I actually cut in deep so I would have an easy tab to use to glue it to the back of my little altered piggie!  I used a tiny hole punch to punch that hole in his curled up tail-- much better than using the teeny tiny cut from the cart.

I am loving this guy!  That tail works on either side, by the way!  Don't you love how the cart illustrator added rolled up cuffs to the shirt and pants!  At this teeny size, it is just precious!

I had so much fun combining critters!  The easiest ones had separate head-only cuts.  

Doodlecharms has several 'head only' cuts:  
  • bunny (page 88)
  • lemon-head-shaped baby (page 102)
  • dog (page 112) - this is the one I used above!
  • cat (page 113) - this is the one I used above!
  • reindeer (page 126)
  • Santa (page 127)

New Arrival has 'head only' layers:
  • baby (page 102)
  • elephant (page 112)
  • monkey (page 113) - this is one I used above!
  • bunny (page 115)
  • frog (page 116) - this is one I used above!

Everyday Paper Dolls has several 'head only' cuts with great expressions.  Paper Doll Dress Up has one 'head only' cut.  They are sized exactly the same.  (Both were used above!)

Lots of different cartridges can be used if you are willing to cut out whole bodies and cut away the head to use.  I liked Create-A-Critter (for all kinds of critters) and County Fair (for cow, pig, and horse).  It is all in your hands!  (oh...what a segue!  Well, I did want to give an idea of scale when using this size bear...)

If you morph your own teddy bear body creations, please let me know!  I would love to see them!  I have a couple of fun projects coming up in mid-September using this concept -- can't wait to show you!

You can see many of my previous paper projects by checking out My Project Gallery, or click here.  

Edited Oct 18, 2012 to add:

I have more teddy bear morph posts on this blog!  Check these out:

And there are lots more head-only animals on Everyday Paper Dolls (really!!) and Animal Kingdom (it even has a "head" feature button).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teddy Bear Note Card Gift Set and Box

 Have we all fallen in love with the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge or what?!  I was never even a teddy bear kind of kid, but this little cartridge is so much fun to use!

Speaking of fun.... Before I started this card set, I had a little fun just making some bears.  I wanted to play with  how to make them look different, dimensional, textured.  The most obvious thing is flocking powder, but in my extreme cheapness, I only had flocking powder that I picked up on clearance-- and not a bear color in the bunch!  That forced me to be creative.

Top (starting from left): Bear inked in brown and black with head cut and reapplied, Bear inked in brown and black with a Glossy Accents nose.  Bottom (starting from Left):  Bear dry-brushed with brown acrylic paint with white accent on nose and popped up snout, Panda bear made from hand-altering white layer, Bear embossed with Cuttlebug Swiss Dots and hand-drawn stitching to look like a toy
A few how-to hints:

For reapplying a head, I added a hidden modification...

For dry-brushing, I just used a cheap nylon brush and acrylic paint...

For the panda, I used two base cuts, hand-cutting to remove legs, arms, ears, and to add big-ole panda eyes from the white layer.  (I never used the panda in my note card set, but included him here anyway since I thought he was fun!)

On to the note card set!

Each card finishes at 4-7/8" x 4-7/8".  The simple reason for that: the manufactured envelopes I decided to use mandated my size!  So for each card, I cut cardstock at 9-3/4" x 4-7/8", scoring to fold at the center.

Beary Good Swimmer.... Okay, let's face it:  it is hard not to use "beary" with this project.  I am going to apologize now for that but I won't really stop!

Crafty Details for Beary Good Swimmer:

  • Base mats cut at 4-5/8" square (clouds) and 4-3/4" square (orange).
  • Bear cut at 3-1/2" from Teddy Bear Parade Lite Cartridge.  (This is the one that was inked and has a shiny nose due to Glossy Accents.  His swim shorts were embossed with a Cuttlebug stripe folder.   The bear was popped up 3/8" at his head only; his lower body was adhered flush to the paper.
  • Background (cloud) paper printed from Imagine Best Friends --trimmed down from a 9" square for that scale.  
  • Goggles and Duck floatie were cut from vinyl to get a plastic look!  For the goggles, I placed the vinyl cut onto acetate (recycled from a cartridge clamshell) and hand-trimmed around it!  The goggles are popped up 1/16".  For the duck floatie, I placed the yellow vinyl directly onto the black paper base for that shape and accented with orange vinyl for the duck bill.  The floatie is popped up 3/8".
  • Water was cut from Ocean of Words (page 49) at 1-1/4".  The top layer is popped up 1/16".

Beary Believable Rudolph...

Crafty Details for Beary Believable Rudolph:
  • Base mat cut at 3-1/4" x 4-3/4" (dark blue sky).
  • Bear cut at 3-1/2" from Teddy Bear Parade Lite Cartridge.  (This is the bear with the re-attached head).  Accessories were inked and accentuated with a micro pen.  The "shiny red nose" was made that way with Glossy Accents!  Nose and holly were popped up 1/16".  Bear body was popped up 3/8".
  • Building cut from Imagine Santa's Village at 3-1/2", trimmed down to fit a width of 4-3/4".  The white of the card base was left uncovered at the bottom since it was snowy!

Arrrgg!  Pirate Bear....

Crafty Details for Pirate Bear:
  • Base was printed and cut from Buccaneer at 4.7" (map).
  • Bear cut at 3-1/2" from Teddy Bear Parade Lite Cartridge.  (This is the bear that was dry-brushed with brown paint).  Scarf was inked in black with micro pen for details.  The sword and hook were cut from metallic paper.  His vest was glued flush at the shoulders and popped up 1/16" at the hem.  Bear body was popped up 3/8".

For Beary Sweet Baby....

Crafty Details for Beary Sweet Baby card:
  • Base mat was printed from Word Collage at 4.7" on my Imagine, and trimmed to 4-3/4".  I used the 'print only' function, selecting a blue from the built-in colors.  
  • Bear cut at 3-1/2" from Teddy Bear Parade Lite Cartridge. (This was the bear that was embossed and "stitched" with micron pen.)  Bear was popped up 1/8".
  • Bow was glued with E6000 to ensure that it wouldn't pop off.
As you can see, as I progressed, my cards got a bit simpler!  I realized that the Imagine cartridges were PERFECT for fast backgrounds!  Making the bears first also helped me get ideas for the cards I would make later!

So.... I thought these would be a cute gift!  I found a perfect box on Sweet Tooth Boxes!

This box is from page 60 of Sweet Tooth Boxes, cut at 9-1/2" on the Expression.  (To see my tip on hiding the tick marks on 3D cricut cuts, click here to see a previous post that explains that technique.)  The papers for this were printed from Word of Mouth on my Imagine.  I made it into 'bear paper' when I added bears by cutting matte brown vinyl bears at 1" (base bear cut on the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge).  Transfer paper made it very easy to apply to the box lid after being cut but before being assembled.  

This project was so much fun to make!!  I hope you enjoyed this card set as much as I liked making it!  

Thank you for checking my blog post today!  You can see many of my previous paper projects by visiting My Project Gallery (or click here)!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birthday Gift Card Box and Tag

My daughter's friends have been making it easy to buy for their birthdays; they all want gift cards!

So... the pressure was on to create a wrap for the gift card for today's birthday party!  I like the matchstick-box on the new Artiste cartridge.  I made a little mock up at 6-1/2" and found that was the measurement of the long inside dimension of the box!  After measuring the gift card, it was easy to know to cut my actual box at 3-3/4 in the Expression.

I wanted to share a little tip about making 3D items with Cricut Cartridges that employ tick marks to show fold lines...  The key to the tick marks NOT showing as tabs that pop out on the finished project is to NOT use folded score lines.  Instead, use a cut score line.  To do this, simply use your Xacto knife and a straight edge to lightly score the lines, making sure to cut to include the ticks.  The finished result is a cut fold line.  (The Xacto is used to partially and lightly cut through the paper--- but not all the way through the thickness of the paper of course!)

Using a blade to score instead of folding and using a bone folder allows the tick marks to be hidden!  Note that the paper core will show with this method.

After assembling the box, I filled it with metallic shred to lift up the gift card and for fun.  (Easter grass or confetti would work too!)

This kid likes dogs so that is the image I wanted for the tag.  I found a cute one on the Imagine cartridge Best Friends.

I hand-cut a little birthday hat and some extra clouds from the box paper scraps.  The text was printed on my computer.

The crafty details:

  • Box:  Artiste, page 49.  Cut at 3-3/4" on the Expression.  Papers used were printed on the Imagine from Best Friends.  The yellow was from the built-in solid on that cart's queue printed as a 7" square.  The cloud print was printed as a 9" square.  I used ATG tape for the tray part of the box and Terrifically Tacky tape for the sleeve.
  • The dog and doghouse were printed and cut on the Imagine at 2-1/2" as layers.  I hand-cut out the door on the top layer of the doghouse and the dog's party hat.  Each layer was popped up with the dog popped the highest at 3/8".  That ball on his hat is a mini pompom, attached with E6000 glue to ensure that it wouldn't pop off!
  • Extra clouds were cut from the leftovers used on the paper for the box sleeve.
  • I tied the tag on with ribbon that was wrapped around the narrow width of the box so that it could stay in place when the gift was opened.
  • The text was printed using Microsoft Century Gothic at 16 point.  
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