Sunday, November 6, 2011

What? Announcements without a project??!!!

I just wanted to share some info while I am in between three projects-- just some news I thought you might find helpful!

First of all, check out Gina Piazza on the Cricut Blog!  OMGosh she shows us how to make realistic looking feathers from paper.  I have a "thing" for Mingo (Ed Ames from the old Daniel Boone television series) and this puts me a bit closer to figuring out a Mingo-inspired project.  (Ok- maybe my Mingo love isn't news you needed to know but definitely check out Gina's Caught Our Eye feature!)

Second, check out Curt Jensen's blog!  Wow!  Finally a blog not from a stylist, but from an actual illustrator who designs the images on Cricut Cartridges!  Fun insight and a great blog!  He has a challenge up through November 11 featuring one of the cartridges he designed, Campin Critters.  I have to thank Sis Patterson for emailing me about this blog! 

Next, a creative and smart crafter, Bonnie (known as GypsyBoricua on the message board) has contacted Ryonet (the aftermarket Yudu-compatible supplier that many of us use for inks, screens, and liquid emulsion).  Bonnie, my new hero, has convinced them that they need to manufacture specialty mesh screens for the Yudu Cardshop!!!!  Holy cow, crafters!  This is awesome!  Bonnie has requested Ryonet to provide meshes like 40 for using glitter inks!  She gave me her contact at Ryonet, Ashley Rudolph.  Ashley responded to my email on Saturday (same day I sent it) and has told me I can order from her by calling her directly.  Bonnie has already placed her order and I plan to order 40, 86, and 220 screens on Monday.  This is so new that none of this is printed on their website (so be sure to verify pricing if you plan to place an order in the event that changes have been made):
  • The company is Ryonet Corporation (
  • To place an order for Yudu Cardshop screens, call Ashley Rudolph at Ryonet Corp 1-800-314-6390 ext 133.  To ask questions, you can email Ashely at
  • Price for 24-110 mesh $13.00 each
  • Price for 125-180 mesh $13.50 each
  • Price for 200-280 mesh $14.50 each
  • Price for 305-355 mesh $15.50 each
  • Price for 380-420 mesh $17.00 each
  • There is a two week lead time for the screens since they are a new product -per Ashley in her email to me.  This is good to know for anyone who is used to Ryonet's usually super speedy delivery.
  • Note:  These are blank Yudu Cardshop screens.  You will need a regular Yudu or other device to burn your images into the screen! 

*****************Edited December 28, 2011 to add: 
I received my Yudu Cardshop screens!  It took six weeks to them, which is longer than I was originally told, but they are FANTASTIC.  They have metal frames just like the other Ryonet screens for Yudu and they are just perfect.  I just wanted to pass on the lead time change!***************

Last bit of news, I have revamped my blog a bit to make the home page load faster by adding pages at the top of my blog to remove some images and text from the sidebar... and I have a few new things up there too!  Check out the tab Art From Friends to see some of the beautiful works of art that have been sent to me from the crafty geniuses I know!  I have also added some info on altering figures as well as pages that feature answers to questions I receive the most.  I hope the new features are interesting to you and help to make my blog work more efficiently.

Best wishes... and I promise, my next post (tomorrow) will feature a project!!


Anonymous said...

Mingo was tops on my list too!

Congrats to Gina and thanks to Bonnie - that Yudu may get out of the box yet!

R. Dorrian6 said...

Thank you for sharing the link to Curt's blog. What an interesting read.

Jackie said...

wow, thanks for sharing the 'feather' thing. I am about to make a turkey and would rather try that as the feathers - awesome.

again, you rock as always.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Thanks for sharing.. looking forward to your next creation.. hugs

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Thanks for the heads up on Ryonet - no, I haven't used my yudu yet and the collector in me wants to add the cardshop along with my other PC toys - go figure LOL!

Christi said...

Thanks for the Ryonet information. Could you please share a bit more information about screen sizes? What would you use each of the different mesh sizes for? I know that I want to order some blank screens for my cardshop, just not sure which ones I need.
One more question, do you use any of the after market inks with your yudu? If you do, could you share some insight on that also? Which ones and for what?
Thanks bunches!
Love your blog!
fillhardfarm at ymail dot com

Nadia ( said...

Thanks, Christi! I will email a copy of this to you, but I wanted to comment here too- just in case!

Here are the screen sizes I use (based on info I learned from Shannon Lerner at Provocraft this past year): 110 for screening on fabric, 220 for paper, 70 for adhesives for glitter and foil. Now, having said that, Ryonet doesn't carry those exact sizes that Yudu has, but they do have a 230 that I order from them for paper and an 86 for adhesive. I have used both the Yudu brand and Ryonet brands in those sizes and the 220 is just like the 230 in performance. The 86 works just like the 70 too. I also ordered a 40 because the crafter who persuaded Ryonet to make these liked the 40 for glitter ink and that sounded cool, so I got one. That is one I haven't used yet so no review to share!

As far as the inks, Yes! I have (and love) the Ryonet inks. The ones I use are from a kit of black, white, red, blue in the line called Enviro Water Based Opaque. If you go to the Ryonet website ( and scroll down the page until you get to the "Yudu Aftermarket Supplies" link on the left, you will see all the stuff they market for Yudu, including the inks! I have also bought regular screens, chemicals, scoop coater, screen stand, and scrubbers from them for use with my regular Yudu. Their stuff is awesome and ships free if your order is over $100. I tend to save up on my list until I can hit $100 for this reason.

I have also used Simply Screen inks by Plaid (I get those from Hobby Lobby) and love 'em! The colors are very pretty and they are a bit cheaper than Yudu brand inks. The advantage over Ryonet is that you don't have to buy such large quantities. I have a review of these inks (and the Ryonet) on my blog too! Just check my Yudu page for info.

I have tried Speedball brand inks, but I am not a fan. I think they are too thin and their colors average. They do have glow-in-the-dark ink, which is fun! I found that at Michael's crafts-- I think Hobby Lobby carries it too.

Hope that helps! These are just my opinions. I don't receive compensation from any of these companies, so this reflects my experience only.

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