Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Naturally Warm and Cozy Gift Set

I have spent this past week behind my sewing machine, Cricut, and knitting looms making gifts and helping my daughter on a school project!  Today, I wanted to share a Christmas gift project: a set that includes a scarf, a hat, a knitted jar lid with tag, and a card!

My new loom knitting obsession has had me trying to learn some new stitches, including my new favorite, the bobble stitch.  The pattern for the hat and scarf here is one I created so that I could practice the new stitches I have learned.  I created the scarf on the red Knifty Knitter loom using 1-1/2 skeins of a #5 yarn that I have had in my craft/sewing room for a while called Red Heart Chunky.  I casted on 16 pegs using an e-wrap cast on method after placing markers (little rings) on pegs 4, 7, 10, and 13.  I learned that I knit like I read, from left to right so I consider peg one to be the one to the right of the side peg, with peg #2 to the right of that, and so on.  Because I am left-handed, this direction comes naturally, but I have found that many of the books I now have go in the other direction.

I knitted rows one through three.  To see a video of a knit stitch, click here.

I e-wrapped row four.  To see a video of an e-wrap stitch (also called a 'single stitch'), click here.

On row five, I used a knit stitch for all the pegs without a maker.  For the ones with a marker, I did a bobble stitch wrapping 5 times.  To see a video of a bobble stitch, click here.

Row 6:  Knit stitch.

Row 7:  Purl stitch.  To see a video of a purl stitch, click here.

Row 8: Knit stitch.

Row 9:  Purl stitch.

Row 10: e-wrap

I loom knitted the above ten rows 26 times, creating a scarf that is 48" before the fringe was added.  I used a flat panel bind off.  For the fringe, I cut 5 pieces of yarn 11" for each fringe tassel, folding the bundle in half and completing a lanyard loop with the aid of a crochet hook.  (There are five of these "fringe tassels" on each end.)

At this point, I wanted to quickly mention a couple of useful things that I figured out...
I take my knitting everywhere with me and find that I can often "lose my place" so I have notes in my notebook that remind me which direction I am going, for example "k ->, k <-, k ->, e <-".  I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but some stitches are hard for me to just look at to know what they are, and if I had a little guide that reminds me which direction a particular row is going, it gives me just the clue I need to backtrack to figure out where I am.  Of course, this only works on flat panel loom knitting!

I also have started using a tool to e-wrap and loop around the pegs, which you can see on the photo above (the blue straw).  I mentioned this on my last post, but wanted to share it again because it makes a HUGE time difference when e-wrapping and doing the stockinette stitches!  To see a video on how to make what I call a stylus (and what the guy on the video calls a 'styler'), click here.  (You will want to fast forward 1 minute 14 seconds to get to the part on how he makes his styler).  I have used a cheap Bic pen casing, straws, and the outer plastic from a Crayola Twistable crayon as different looms have different amounts of space between the pegs.  (When I do a knit, purl, bobble, etc., I just scoot the stylus down out of the way and use my hands to work with the yarn; so far, I only use the tool for e-wrap and double knit stockinette stitches.)  I use a pipe cleaner just as in the video to thread the yarn through the straw. 

OK, back to the projects!  I wanted to make a hat to match the scarf. 

To do the hat, I used round green Knifty Knitter loom (36 pegs) - even number of pegs required for this pattern with my directions.  I did an e-wrap cast on going counter clockwise. 

For the first row, I did a knit stitch, then a purl, repeating this combo to the end of the row and continuing on the following rows until I had 1-1/2" of rows completed on my loom.  This creates the band around the head and doesn't roll.

Next, I did three rows of e-wraps.

Next, I used the 10-row combination listed above (from my scarf directions).  I did this three times.  For the bobble, I bobbled every 4th peg for the first bobble row.  On the next repeat, when it was time to bobble, I bobbled every 2nd peg.  Then back to the 4th peg on the third series.  This created an alternating pattern of bobbles for the hat, unlike the scarf.

Last, I did four rows of e-wraps.  My hat was 10" on the loom.  I did a gathered bind off.

I thought it would be fun to play off the idea of  knitting and do a knitted jar lid for a layered cookie mix that was part of this gift set.  For tons of recipes for layered "in a jar" types of mixes, click here.

For this, I used the Knifty Knitter Flower Loom.  I e-wrapped 2" then pulled the bottom loops up to make a hem (just like for hats-- in fact, this is a little hat).  I continued e-wrapping for a total of 2".  I did a gathered bind-off to close up the top.  I used a crochet hook to help feed a piece of yarn around and tied it into a bow.  The e-wrap stretches and is very forgiving so it worked well for this!

I created a tag for the jar using the Paper Trimmings cartridge (page 62).  On my cartridge, for some reason the 'snowflke' and 'snwflk-s' are reversed.  I am not sure if that is the case for all the Paper Trimmings cartridges, but I just wanted to mention it just in case!  (I kept thinking I had done something wrong until I realized it must be a error that they were reversed in the book).  I cut the image and shadow at 3" on the Expression.  I ran the snowflake through the Xyron and used chunky glitter on it.

I created a card using the same Paper Trimmings snowflake (without shadow this time) at 1-3/4".   The papers were embossed on the Cuttlebug.  For the embossed kraft paper, I rubbed a white Studio G ink pad over it to emphasize the shapes.  I embellished the card with tiny stars that I punched, ribbon, and twine.

Thank you for using your time to check out this post-- I know this is a super busy time of year and I appreciate your visit!  This week, I am finishing up a costume for my daughter's school event that I have made with my sewing machine and my Cricut-- hope to share that soon.  I am also sewing doll clothes like a mad elf and loom knitting wherever I have to wait.  I hope your seasonal crafting is keeping you happy as you complete gifts, cards, and decor to make the holidays special at your house!


MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

You are definitely rocking this new hobby of yours ;) - way to go! Thanks for sharing the instructions.

Diane Hodrick said...

you are a-friggin-mazing. this is gorgeous. i love that chunky bobble knit stitch. thanks for the video links. i have a book (or ten), but i bet the video method is better. have you seen Jeannie Phillips blog? She has some amazing loom stuff. Beautiful work, Nadia.

Nadia ( said...

Diane- Yes! I love Jeannie's projects! I love her baby cocoons and would LOVE to try those... just need to find someone with a baby first! Last year I became aquainted with her loom knitting projects and was AMAZED that the stuff she does is on a loom! I once told her she needed to teach loom knitting-- I really wanted to learn. I have had my looms since before that. I think was messed me up before tension --I didn't realize that the tension will change once some length gets knitted onto the loom. I also didn't realize how fast it was to do. I just kind of gave up, thinking it was going to be like traditional knitting. I didn't get them out again until Thanksgiving Week, but I have just loved Jeannie's projects all this time!

Maria said...

That's a great gift set! Thanks so much for sharing your directions and the links. The main reason I never use my looms is that I could only do the knit stitch and everything just looked the same. Now you have me wanting to learn more stitches. Oh, please check out my blog if you have a moment. I actually used my Yudu!

Sis Patterson said...

I see it that a trip to "knitting loom" store is on my horizon.

This is an exceptionally gorgeous set and thanks so much for all of the fabulous tips. As a fellow leftie, I appreciate that your "direction" will work for me too!!!

WOWZA - You are the Queen of Follow Through and Creativity!!!

Can't wait to see the sewing and crafting reveal for Piper's school event.

JennyKozar said...

What a FANTASTIC gift set-- I am sure someone will be ecstatic to receive these!!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Wow... You have been a busy little bee... Love all of your projects.. I can knit but have never used a knitting loom.. BEAUTIFUL projects..

That's what I thought it's a good thing they found the problem, hopefully they can fit it...sometimes I can hardly stand the pain-- but then I just put on my big girl pants and say I can handle this for just a while longer before I can sit down. Thank you for stopping by Nadia...

Carolyn/MamaC said...

Ah...Nadia! I stand in amazement at your talent! More fabulous projects! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations!

Jeannie Phillips said...

This set is just beautiful!!!....I am beyond excited that you love your looms! I love mine!


Beth said...

Oh My Gosh, this set is amazing. I have had my looms for several years and have never tried anything this complicated. Thanks for inspiring me to try. Off I go to find out more info. Thanks Again. Your Circle Friend, Beth.

paperANDi - Stephanie Dang said...

This is so cute! Maybe one day I will give this a shot too! But it looks so tedious and overwhelming!! It's quite intimidating.. the thought of.. \knitting..

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