Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last of the Journal Your Christmas - Dec 25, Final Page Calendar, and Cover!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas Day yesterday!  It was magical for us and I have to credit my kiddo for that!  It was also our third day of Christmas dinners, family get-togethers, and gifts to share.

This is my December 25 page for my Christmas journal:

I wasn't sure how I was going to tackle this day.  I had decided to end my journal on the 25th for logistical reasons [read: this book is out-growing the largest book rings I could find], so I needed these pages to be somewhat different but I still wanted to keep my page size, shape, and date location in the upper right corner.  I figured it out when I found a free printable by Hope Ink Art and Design.  You can find it by clicking here.   I used her design, scaled down to my 5-1/2" page size for the left side and used a white pen to do some of my own doodling for the right side.

I found this here:

Since this is the end of my journal date pages, I had been wanting a calendar page so I added it to the reverse side, the very, very end!  This is a calendar that was made available by Marie at A Stitch in Time.  I hand-wrote my daily schedule.  Note to self for next year:  fill it in as the days pass.  A fun thing about the calendar is that I will continue to write on it as the month unfolds!

I found this here:
For my cover, I used 6" chipboard covers that I had in my stash.  I covered them with decorative papers using Mod Podge to adhere them and a brayer to ensure that they were smooth.  I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in my pages and covers.  Three-inch book rings bound it all together.  My cover design incorporated a larger size medallion and font, like the one that I had repeated on most of my pages.

My daughter finally wrote a little message about her Christmas (that I had been begging her to write) and I included that along with my own notes in a little pocket I made for the inside back cover.

  As you can see, this fella is thick.

So.... I have to say that I loved this project!  It forced me to appreciate each day-- to find something good to share each day.  We didn't do half of the activities that I had hoped we would and yet our lives were full and our season was lovely.  I did write lots of things on my journaling tags and hidden within my little envelopes and pockets that weren't always happy but were always truthful and representational.  I have faith that by including that stuff that this journal will be more meaningful in the years to come and to others aside from me.  As a keepsake, I think it makes it more poignant.

I also loved that I have so many wonderful photos of the season.  Normally, I would have a picture here or there, but for this project, I took tons of pictures daily.  I printed off many for grandparent gifts and have them all in a 2012 digital file.  This was an extra gift to me and my family!

I have previously blogged my pages one, two, and three pages at a time, but I wanted to share them bound and all together.  I intentionally made each day with different papers and different colors to associate best with the photo or theme of that day.  That is something that made the dailies take longer to complete, but made it so much more fun for me!

Links to the posts for the pages shown above:
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December 8
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December 13-15
December 16
December 17-18
December 19
December 20
December 21
December 22-24
December 25 (here!)

Thank you for checking my blog post today!  I learned a lot from this project and I know lots of things I will do differently next year.  (I hope to make this a holiday tradition!)  I am off to get my house back in shape after the holiday fun.  I hope you are continuing to make many happy holiday memories to warm your heart the rest of the winter.



Sis Patterson said...

Amazing! I am inspired - not only with your paper crafting and sewing but the remarkable job you did to capture Christmas in its entirety. Lovely!

byAnnette said...

Great Job!
Thanks for the summary of all the pages in one place. What a wonderful gift to yourself and your family.

Hrvatica said...

What an amazing keepsake! I sure it will be treasured. It is so wonderful that the project impacted so positively on you.

Sara Andrews said...

This is just perfect Nadia!!

You did an outstanding job and I love, love, love your last days. And yes, I will be using that printable.

Thank you for sharing your December with us.

R said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! You did an amazing job on your album. I am (gasp) 3 days behind now on mine. Thanks for the inspiration....I will finish this thing! LOL

moknowsall said...

Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing your Xmas with me


Gina piazza said...

An incredible & inspiring masterpiece of memories...
What a wonderful treasure to have...
Thank you for sharing all of it

susan crafts said...

absolutely fantastic. I definitely want to make one of these next year. thank you for sharing all the wonderful details.

cdm317 said...

This is a treasure for sure, Nadia! Of all the pages, I think the 18th is my favorite! You are a talented storyteller! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing this December Daily with us!

Crafty Teacher said...

It came out wonderful Nadia!! I agree, it was such a great project that I look forward to doing next year too. :)

Cindy@ said...

Wow, girl. Your book is beautiful! I love seeing all the pages together. Each page is a work of art and will be a treasure for years.

Michele Kovack said...

This was a lot of work!!! It came out beautiful!!!

JJewel said...

Wow, a beautiful project! I think I will follow your lead next year with the size and type of book!!

I had joked with you about Bob pages are NOT done... I have the ideas, some pictures printed and journaling done. I need to compile it all. But the answer to what will be my December 1st is on my blog! :)~

paperANDi - Stephanie Dang said...

Very nice, Nadia! Now you have a wonderful keepsake!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and happy new years too!!

Threadbear said...

Your journal is amazing!! I love the last page -- O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas carol. Thank you for sharing the link to the printable.

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