Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My New Obsession: Soap Making!

I have spent some time recently making small-scale batches of cold process soap in order to learn how to make it. I have been working on oil combinations, learning how to make swirls, figuring out designs, and working on how to make natural soaps (those with natural colorants and essential oils) as well as those with lab-created fragrance and color.

So, since it is me, you know that means that I like to share all the info, the how-to, the resources, the tricks, and lots of photos as I figure it all out.  I have made a Soap page on this blog that has all 24 of the soaps I have made since May 19 (yes, I admit to being obsessive) and plan to update it as all the soaps cure with additional notes.  (Some have already cured.)  The very end has a gallery for new soaps, just like I have a gallery for paper craft and for machine embroidery.  You can find it by clicking the Soap and Gallery button at the top of the blog or by clicking here:  http://withglitteringeyes.blogspot.com/p/making-soap-gallery.html    I am not telling you what to do here; I am simply sharing what I am doing.  We are all responsible for our own attempts!

Happy Crafting!

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But wait!  There's more!  Click 'older posts' above!