Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Crafting Day 2

The only "every year at our house" holiday is Halloween!  The tradition is supper at 5:30, followed by getting in costumes and trick-or-treating. Sometimes supper is chili and hot dogs, sometimes, it is ordering pizza and having sides, once, we made our own pizzas.  Somehow, all the other holidays were "taken" and we ended up doing this for our daughter's first Halloween and it stuck. Grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends know to show up! The challenge is always finding something that the kids will eat (my picky kiddo) that the adults will also consume with all of their individual food "issues" (diets, meat preferences, and whatever they make up when the wind blows). I eat everything so these crazy food issues just seem unfair to easy-going me!

This year, Halloween is on a Friday, so there is also a sleepover involved with my daughter and her friends.  We live in one of those neighborhoods where everyone decorates, hands out candy, and even the adults dress up.  They drop off kids from other parts of town by the minivan-load.  The awesome thing about all of this is that the evening entertainment for the sleepover is built-in with trick-or-treating until their little feet get too tired or the wind gets too chilly.  My kiddo has also warned her friends that I will make anyone wear a coat who doesn't layer under their costumes adequately for warmth!  Hey, it's my issue but no one gets sick on my watch!

Last year, as anyone in this region with kids will remember, was horribly stormy.  So much so that we changed the date for trick-or-treating.  Hey, they might do that where you are from, but here, we stick to the calendar.  With storm warnings and wind advisories, the whole city ended up at the malls and they all ran out of candy!  Can you imagine the mall running out of the cheapo candy they hand out?!  I had my daughter and her little cousin with me and we ended up finding our treats at Claire's in the form of silly accessories.  Then we trick-or-treated in the neighborhood the next day.  It all worked out, but I take my traditions with actual tradition thank you!

So we are making up for it this year with extra treats and extra treat-getters!

Each of the girls from school will be getting pumpkin boxes filled with candy and fun stuff.  These pumpkins are from SVGcuts and can be found by clicking here!

What is always so clever about the way that SVGcuts designs rounded vessels are the decorative panels that cover over the scoring and gluing, forgiving lots of less-than-perfect crafting!  Those panels are great for embossing, painting, or just using your favorite decorative papers.

For my little niece, I wanted something fun.  I love the old-fashioned stuff on SVGcuts' Midnight Jamboree.  This little bucket is a great size!

This black cat bucket is found here.

I also had to do another quick candy box for another ballet teacher for my kiddo.  Yesterday, I posted all my ballet school Halloween treats.

If you missed them, here's a link to that post:  click here.

For this box, I just wanted to decorate a few chocolate squares.

The box is from Cricut Cartridge Box It Up.  The ghost is from Cricut Cartridge Charmed and the text is Smiley (free from dafont), written with a Pilot Precise V5 pen in the Explore.  My file for this project is here:

The flowers were cut from Art Philosophy.  These are spiral cut that roll up to create a 3D flower.

Unlike the rest of the neighborhood, I don't decorate outside.  That's really because I hate to un-decorate in the cold and I am doing my neighbors a favor by not having Halloween decorations up until Derby Day...and that's my story and I'm sticking with it.  But we do put up things around the inside of the house. I did add a few things to our decorations.

These are fun for doors and so incredibly fast and easy....Spiderweb Rosettes!

This is also from SVGcuts and you can find it by clicking here!  They are funky and dimensional and simple!

Great designing in the features of the cut file is something I really appreciated with the banner I made.

Another SVGcuts file (click here for this one), this project went together so fast because there were no little "rippy bits" of faces that had to be applied, but rather full layers of cut away features that layer one on top of the other.  This is something I used to love about the Cricut cartridge images, but I have noticed that some of their new designs (like Anna Griffin's Christmas Kitsch's Santa face image) have missed this important concept in designing multi-layer die cuts!

See how although there are little teeth and eyeballs, and a nose that you never are picking up tiny facial features and placing them.  See how they form automatically!  This same thing is found on Cricut Happy Hauntings and PaperDoll Teen Scene.

These are issues I actually spoke with the old Provo Craft management about in person!  Another thing that wasn't passed on to the new team, I suppose.  Hopefully they will get clued in.  I suggest they all cut out and glue that Santa I mentioned at two or three inches and then they will know!

Designed correctly, this is a DREAM to assemble...and so fast!

Well, my crafting weekend has come to an end!  That was so much fun!  My little autumn treat!  Thanks for checking out my post!

Quick links to things in this post:

3D Pumpkin Boxes:  click here!
Spiderweb Rosettes:  click here!
Black Cat Bucket and Jack 'O Lantern Banner:  click here!
Black Flower Box in Design Space:
Smiley font:

I think we are all ready for Halloween over here!


Sis Patterson said...

I love each and every project - the pumpkin boxes, the vintage treat bucket decoration, the banner (love the color and vintage feel), oh my - just a whole bunch of Halloween goodness! Here's to a happy and warm-ish Halloween!

Michele Kovack said...

WOW! I need you to come over and decorate my house! Beautiful projects!!! Have a happy Halloween!

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