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Explore Writing Options and Alternative Pens II: Halloween Treat Boxes using Jellyroll Pen and Dingbat Drawings

Since I bought my Cricut Explore back in March, I have been very interested in handwriting options and pen choices aside from the Cricut branded ones.  I did previous blog posts on both of those subjects, but now I have even better news!  The Chomas Pen and Marker Holders allow for even more options, including Sharpies, Jelly Roll Pens, glitter pens, and more!  (For my original post on pen options, click here! For my previous post on handwriting fonts to download, click here!)

Now you can write in WHITE gel ink!
The Chomas Pen and Marker Holders are aftermarket items.  In order to use them, you will need to swing open the arm of the pen holder and pop out the holder.  To see this in action, check out Amy's video (click here).  I like this option much more than some of the homemade things I have been seeing people do with tape and things that risk breaking the holder.  Her implements fit in the spot that the holder would normally set in and the arm will swing shut to hold it in place.  See links at the end of this post for how to buy this from her.  (And just so you know, I had to buy mine- regular price, and she did not ask me to post this.  I don't benefit in any way from sales of her tools. I really just love having more options to use with my Explore!)

I have missed the use of my Jellyroll pen!  The closest I had been able to come to a usable WHITE pen in the Explore was chalk markers.... but they are engineered to be choppy.  They are supposed to look like chalk!  I wanted a smooth gel for writing on dark papers and I love the way the Explore writes with gel ink! 

And the only thing more fun than finding new pen options is finding new free fonts to use that mimic handwriting and pen art!  Remember, all true type fonts (TTF) are system fonts so they will outline.  Using skinny fonts simply means that they will look like single stroke fonts.  Your chosen pen or the point size you choose can make certain ones look even more like handwriting.  For a full explanation of this and info on how to download, check out my previous post about this.  These are all from  Under each photo, I have links to each font. 

Jack and the Beanstock
Killah Pika Pika
PW Smokey
Spider Font

Hanging Letters 
 Janda Hide and Seek
KB Fun House

Origami (Dingbat)
Pig Rules (Dingbat)
Tamoro Script
KG Say Something
Daisys Delights
Austie Bost Somersaults
Something Blue
Woodcutter Invisible

Pig Rules (Dingbat) - repeat
FFC Indo (Dingbat)
Dextera - repeat
Janda Sparkle and Shine
Daisys Delights - repeat
Kara Kaboodle
Something Blue - repeat
Posey Blossom
Bernardo Moda

Using these new options, I created some tiny treat boxes for the ballerinas in my daughter's Junior Pre-Pointe Ballet class and a little candy dish for her ballet teacher!  Her academic school doesn't allow the kids to even mention the word 'Halloween' so we make up for it with her extra activities, like ballet class!

Thanks to MizEsther and Margo Jacobson, I was introduced to the fabulous little box on the Cricut Baby Shower Cartridge!  Cut at 4.5", this box is the perfect size for three Ghirardelli Squares!  

I found that I could fit only two boxes on the mat, whether the paper is 12x12 or 8.5x11 so using up smaller paper is the way to go.  This design utilizes the score tool as well, so the box folds perfectly.  I added text using Dafont's 'Smiley' and had the Explore write it in white Jellyroll pen with the Chomas Pen Holder!  My Design Space File for this is here:

I tied on little tags I made using a simple circle tag from my Cricut images and text that included dingbats.  Check out Dafont's WTF Sweet Halloween Dings!  Have you used dingbats with your Explore?  You can cut, print, or write the characters and there are so many fun ones!  (Be sure to print out the key so you know which drawing relates to each alpha-numeric character.)  For these tags, I used Pilot Precise V5 black pen.  This pen fits just fine in the regular Explore pen holder with no other assistance or implement!  These pens are super fine so tiny details don't get lost!  This is my file for my tags:  The text is Smiley font.  The tags were cut from Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More 2 at 1".

The fun thing with this little box is that you can use all kinds of re-purposed materials for the window.  On these, I used the plastic film that comes on Cricut cutting mats.  I have lots of those.  I cut them using the cardstock setting.  I love embossing it too!  (Embossing also hides any scratches or imperfections on the film.)

The candy dish was super fast and easy!  This was a quick file from SVGcuts from the Midnight Jamboree collection!  

To the little strip, I had the Explore write "Happy Halloween" in the Smiley font using a glitter pen.  I used the Chomas marker holder since this pen is thicker due to the rubber grip on the barrel.  

Quick Links:

My Design Space File for the Boxes (you will need Baby Shower and the Smiley Font installed):

My Design Space File for the Tags (you will need Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More 2 and the Smiley Font installed):

Chomas Creations Blog for Video on using her aftermarket pen and marker holders:  click here!

Chomas Creations Store to buy aftermarket pen holder, marker holder, and engraving tool:  click here!

Free Fonts:  find links to specific ones listed under each photo.  Just click the font name!  For the Halloween Dings, click here!

For my previous post on fonts that look great written by the Explore and how to download fonts and get them into Design Space, click here!  

My Previous Post on Pen Options that FIT in the Explore withOUT aftermarket holders or other assists:  click here!

Midnight Jamboree Collection from SVGcuts (candy dish):  click here!

Thank you for checking out my blog post!  I am in the middle of an on-line crop and these are two of my challenge projects!  Gotta get back to cutting and gluing!  Are you getting your craft on today?

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