Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Blog, how I have missed you!

I cannot wait to get back to my passions:  crafting and writing!  All of my thoughts these days are of ticket sales, staffing, working on the books, and promoting; it has been the death of creativity!  I have always believed that spreadsheets and diesel smoke kill art.... or maybe that is just how it works in my brain!

3D Rapunzel
Straight from the Disney Family Website!  Scroll down for the links!  You make this from a PDF.
I have been on a crafting and blogging diet since before Thanksgiving as we gear up for this, our company's final event of the year and our busiest time of year.  We own a motorsports company that produces, insures, and promotes truck and tractor pulls (would you guess that of me??).  We are less than a week from our indoor event, The Bluegrass Super Pull, at the Alltech Arena (made famous a couple of months ago as the venue for the World Equestrian Games) at the Kentucky Horse Park.  If you have any motorheads, gearheads, or grease monkeys in your world, send them to Lexington, Kentucky December 10 and 11! 

This event falls on the same weekend as my wedding anniversary (my husband will really owe me one!) and the Mother-Daughter Christmas Tea Party with my daughter's ballet school.  Happily, my sweet mother-in-law (known as 'Nana' around here) will be escorting Princess Piper to the party, but I will miss the special dance they have choreographed.
Tangled Tower
This is also made from PDF printables on the Disney Family website! 
I did take time over the Thanksgiving weekend to take my daughter and nephew to see Tangled in 3D.  That was a beautiful movie in every way.  The artwork for that animated film was spectacular and has me thinking about magical hidden towers and enchanted villages.  If you have a little girl in your world, you have to take her!  Check out Disney Family's fantastic website that includes PDF's to make your own Rapunzel and her tower (both pictured above, as well as the bracelet below)!  I think combining their PDF cut-outs with Cricut-created flowers and accessories would be a fun project!  There are all kinds of crafts and recipes celebrating the movie on the website.  My daughter and I will be spending several days of her Christmas vacation working on these projects!
Tangled Shrink Charms
Don't you LOVE this Tangled charm bracelet?!
This time next week I will be back to crafting after a weekend of diesel fumes and dirt coated on my laptop.  I cannot wait to let my mind think about Christmas, crafting, and sharing on this blog!


Therese said...

Well dear friend, does'nt look like the fumes got to your brain cells to bad!...this is an awesome project!!! Im not sure anything can kill your creativity :)
I bet your little one loves this!
Boy do I know what you mean....not creating is painful, but my work schedual was reduced greatly to my liking and now maybe I too can get back to my passion as well.
Do you by chance have anymore pictures of this project?
Also want to thank you so much for the blog award, I just have not had enough time to sit and write out all the requirments yet. Your such a delight! Cannot wait to see what else you have in store.
Hugs, Therese

Nadia said...

Oh, Therese, these pictures are straight off the Disney Family website! We haven't made them yet! I fear I better go into my text and make that more clear!

They are all PDF printables and perfect to do with kids -- although your grandbabies look a little young to help.

I think the Rapunzel could easily be converted to a gift tag (I am planning to do that in conjunction with a window cut from Cricut.

Check out the links! You will love that website if your granddaughters like Disney -- stuff from every movie to make and bake!

Soon I will be crafting!

Therese said...

Ops, maybe I need to read things better. Bet you coulda made it anyway :)

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