Friday, February 3, 2012

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Valentine's Day has been major holiday in our family for as long as I can remember. My mom's birthday is February 14, so we have always celebrated BIG on that day-- and continue to do so even now! Pink and red, heart-shaped foods, pink drinks, Valentine-y outfits, presents for everyone, a Valentine tea, and parties are still the norm at our house! For my daughter's Valentine gift, I made a little outfit for her doll. I love finding new ways to use my Cricut machines and cartridges!  This present, gift bag, garland, card (and mini card) gift-set is also my entry for this month's Cricut Circle Blog Challenge: Share the Love!

For the crafty details:
The card is made from two cuts from Better Together and a built-in Imagine shape, floodfilled with a pattern from JT.  The bear was cut at 3-1/2"; the rounded square was 6"; the hearts were 1".  Extra hearts were folded and glued in the centers only for a little dimension.  The bear has been popped up 1/2".

I also made a doll-sized card... and a garland made with the extra hearts I cut.  Doll-sized cuts:  card folded is 1.75" x 1.875"; hearts .3"; bear 1.5". 

I used the tiny 3/16" Martha Stewart hole punch and an upholstery needle threaded with bakers twine to attach the hearts into a garland.  Garland hearts are 1" and .5". 

The gift bag is simply embellished with the same heart cut from Better Together at 3".

The doll outfit used the same Imagine cuts to keep continuity.

The t-shirt features an image from the Imagine cartridge Better Together (cut at 2-1/2"), printed on Avery's Printable Cotton.  I love this product for use in the Imagine.  Instant iron-on image!  One tip:  be sure to use a new, sticky mat!  I made the shirt using the Liberty Jane T-shirt Variations pattern .  I received an email from my daughter's favorite clothing store, Justice, that featured a trend in fringed t-shirts.  (Why are elementary-school girls so obsessed with that store??!!)  I think if Piper sees a display at Justice with this look, she will think it is cool that she has this for her doll...

The jeans are upcycled from Calvin Klein jeans we found at a thrift store.  I have been working on designer doll jeans for my new Etsy store, which I will tell you about in a bit.  The pattern is altered from Liberty Jane's Jeans pattern and includes lots of topstitching, real working pockets, and a mock fly.  This print worked well because it was a small scale so it was the right scale on the doll!

The hearts on the leg are the same repeated heart motif from Better Together, a separated layer printed and cut at .7". I used fusible studs to create the look of rivets on the front pockets and created a tag for the back waistband on suedecloth....just like real jeans!

I think Piper is going to love this-- it is a total surprise as this whole challenge was completed yesterday while she was in school.  Something about the doll-sized card cracks me up... but then I might be too immersed in the whole "doll thing" right now!  And... it really points to one of the things I love about my Cricut machines:  I can change the size instantly to make miniatures.  The Imagine artwork makes it so incredibly FAST to do too!

So... I mentioned that I was working on doll clothes for my new Etsy shop... My daughter and I have been having such a fun time with a new little doll clothes venture we have started together, Perfectly Piper Doll Couture!  

It has just been a fun way to spend time together crafting while getting her excited about sewing (we start that this summer!) ...and making a little money for her activities.  Piper has a creative fashion eye (and is a brutally honest supervisor) and I am a hard-working seamstress elf. Although I think I am a fast worker, the Piper tax requires that Piper get copies of her favorite styles (which is all of them), so the shop is filling, but at a slow pace! You can find us at...

  • Perfectly Piper Studio Etsy shop,
  • Doll blog,
  • Perfectly Piper Doll Couture Facebook page

  • We have had a great time shopping for fabrics... even finding some special fabrics at thrift stores to upcycle. This is Piper on a recent "thrift run" helping me search for suede. She is awesome at finding treasures!

    In case you were wondering.... this blog, With Glittering Eyes, is my favorite project so I will continue featuring my papercrafting, sewing, loom knitting, and Yudu-ing here!  And I am trying to participate in more Circle challenges --I have missed getting to do those!


    Mrs. Green said...

    She will LOVE this!! My daughter also loves Justice, AG dolls, and sewing. She would love to have you for a mom right now! LOL

    Sis Patterson said...

    I totally love this entire ensemble and the Valentine accessories.

    Can I just say: those pants are the best! Love the scale of the combo and the hearts! Just terrific!!!

    Great idea to upcycle too!

    L.B. said...

    This new outfit is just so much fun. Love it. She will love it and can not wait to explore stuff like this when my daughter gets her doll i May

    Diane Hodrick said...

    This outfit is so cute. I think if you made in a size 12, my kiddo would be sporting it to school. ;) Super adorable idea to make a mini card from your doll...seriously cute and fun idea. Love all the coordination and the fabulous instructions. I learn tons of new goodies in one Nadia to read 'em. Good luck with the etsy shop too!

    KOLA Designs said...

    Nadia, this is amazing! That itty bitty card makes me want to squeal with delight lol. You never cease to amaze me! Your daughter will definitely love it :)

    Jayne said...

    Wow,gorgeous set and really love the doll outfit.
    Thanks for joining us at My Craft Spot this week.
    Jayne x

    Sukie said...

    This is so adorable. I love the fun pattern you selected! You are so creative with your projects. Your daughter will love this!

    Connie said...

    Piper will love this set, you thought of everything! I love making AG doll clothes too. I just made a new dress for my 20 yr old's doll that she left at home with me. :) I can't help myself!

    Kate said...

    What wonderful projects! The cards are so sweet - and what a fabulous idea to make a mini one for the doll as well!
    Best of luck with your new venture - and congratulations on making project of the day, too! How exciting!
    Thanks so much for playing along with us at My Craft Spot!

    Small Bits of Paper

    Missy said...

    Oh wow, what a fabulous gift! All of the little details you included are incredible.....and so, so, so tiny! Fantastic job!!

    Sandy from Ukiah said...

    Wow, Nadia i am always so impressed when i stop by... love the doll out fit and the cards is awesome... how fun to celebrate Valentine's day in such an awesome way... I am sure Piper is going to love everything.. she is one lucky girl...

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! You always do have some of the bests projects on your blog. I love it and I think she will too. It is awesome!

    RockinRenee said...

    SO awesome! Congratulations on your ETSY shop as well. Already made a sale! My oldest is past the age of American Dolls, but if I come across a little girls that needs an outfit as a gift, your shop will be the first place I check!

    Carolyn/MamaC said...

    Ok..I sit here speechless! But I will try to put my wonder and amazement into words....Fabulous and Stupendous! Wow!

    rockpapercricut said...

    How cool! Your project is simply amazing! Thanks for entering your project in this weeks challenge at My Craft Spot. :)


    nancydianne said...

    Awesome job! Far from the doll clothes I made as a little girl!

    Pink Cricut said...

    Amazing!! We love to celebrate Valentine's Day like that around here too! :) Also, my daughter, who is only 6 just discovered Justice-and it seems to empty my wallet every time we go there! lol

    I love all of the detail in this project and will be checking out your doll clothes easy shop!!

    Lara said...

    This is awesome! Love the doll card. My daughter would love this project! Great job!

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