Friday, May 9, 2014

Cheery Gifts for Mom.. And a Contest Winner!

One of my favorite people to make things for is my mom.  She appreciates hand-crafted gifts and home-made treats!  She keeps every card.  Is your mom like that too?  

Because my mom is a diabetic, I wanted to make something made in kitchen and sweet but without affecting her diet. A sugar scrub is perfect!  

This gift set features a lemon sugar body scrub in a decorated glass canister, a dimensional card that holds a store gift card, and a large tag that will go on fresh flowers to be picked up the day before Mother's Day.

I started by contacting a fellow crafter, who you might remember from the Sweet Sassy Diva blog, Bobbi Jo Henke.  A long time ago, I was a guest designer on that blog a couple of times.  She is also a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.  Bobbi Jo suggested a scrub recipe that I altered a small bit for my gift.  If you are looking for a trust-worthy person to buy essential oils from for home spa projects or dietary uses, contact Bobbi Jo at or (262)498-3107.  

This is the recipe I used for my scrub.  

Lemon Sugar Scrub

1/4 cup  plus 2 tablespoons liquid coconut oil (found in the baking section of the grocery store)
2-1/2 cups granulated sugar
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
16 drops lemon oil
zest of one lemon

Mix thoroughly by hand in a glass bowl and place in a clean and dry glass jar to store.

I used small scraps of vinyl and cut a decorative lid design.   

I made this on my Cricut Explore.  The design uses Paisley for the lemon motif and A Child's Year font for the text.  This is my Design Space file for this part of this project:  

The small tag for this was made with  Cricut cartridge Holiday Frames and Tags (page 67, cut at 2.5"). "MOM" was cut using Cricut cartridge A Child's Year (at 1") on my Cricut Expression while my Explore was cutting vinyl.

I made a tag for flowers that will also be part of this gift.

This was also made using Cricut cartridge Holiday Frames and Tags (page 67, cut at 4").  The small quilled flowers were cut from Art Philosophy at 2" (page 68).  The large gingham flower is one I learned to make when it was featured on a wreath on the old Cricut Circle Blog.  The good news:  Juliana Michaels made a construction video so you can make these too.  Here's a link to her video tutorial:  click here.    
Sizes for Juliana's rose for this tag:  
Mother's Day Bouquet key 27 cut 3 at 1" 
Mother's Day Bouquet key 8 cut 4 at 1.75"  

I also made a coordinating card to dress up a store gift card.  

The card base was cut from Cricut cartridge Art Philosophy (page 53 at 4").  The gingham mat was cut at 3.75".  The butterfly was cut at 2" (also from Art Philosophy, page 55).  I used the same rose from Juliana Michaels that I used on the tag above.
Sizes for Juliana's rose for this card:  
Mother's Day Bouquet key 27 cut 3 at 1.25" 
Mother's Day Bouquet key 8 cut 4 at 2.75"  

I also made a gift card holder for my mother-in-law as part of a different gift set for her.

This is the easiest project ever!  The little purse is one-piece cut from SVGcuts Luxury Handbags collection. The little paper tassel is from a different purse in that same collection.  I think this is so sweet and such a pretty way to dress up a gift card!  The flower under the brad is from Mother's Day Bouquet cut at 1".  (I cut the paper tassel at 10" width, a bit smaller than the cutting menu suggests for the other purse).

I took advantage of the pattern placement when cutting the purse.

Baked goodies and a flower will accompany this gift. She is not a crafter and hand-made stuff is not her thing, but she is a wonderful person and Mom and I always invite her to our Mother's Day lunches and brunches!  (I love that they get along so well!  They usually also exchange Mother's Day gifts with one another.  Of course, my mom gives my kiddo a Mother's Day gift because she says she is the mother of her dolls.)

And... We also have a contest winner for the $25 Michael's Gift Card from my Circle NSD post (previous post on this blog).  

This is my lovely assistant, Piper. 

And she has drawn out a name.....

And the Winner is....

Angie (AKA TiffysMom AKA Angie's Paper Passion)

Congrats to you, Angie!  Contact me so I can mail your gift card!

Thank you for checking my blog post today!  To see many of my previous projects, check out My Project Gallery!


Hrvatica said...

Love you Morher's Day Gifts. Congrats to Angie.

Cheryl W. said...

Your creations are always amazing. What a great assistant you have, too! Congrats to Angie.

paperANDi - Stephanie Dang said...

Awesome projects, Nadia! Always so creative! :) Gotta try that sugar scrub! Love the smell of lemons!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Mother's Day gift! Congrats Angie!

Angie's Paper Passion said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH, NADIA!!!! You are so very sweet! And your wonderful assistant, Piper, is very beautiful! Thanks to you also Piper for picking me, lol! I'll bet you're a big help to your Mom.
Nadia, I hope that you had a great Mother's Day and thank you again for the fantastic gift!
PS - I love your gift to your Mom and that lemon scrub sounds wonderful!!

MulticrafterAmy said...

Congrats Angie! Nadia, Piper is growing into such beautiful young lady. You must be proud. Thanks for always for sharing your talent with us.

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