Sunday, December 18, 2016

Another Red Truck With A Tree

I'm not sure how a trend happens or how retailers know it will work, but the whole red-truck-with-a-Christmas-tree is everywhere.  My Facebook feed is filled with 3D paper ones, embroidery and applique ones, ornaments, free SVGs a few crafters have made and shared, even wrapping paper with that icon.  And it is kinda cute so I had to find one to hold a gift card.  I found the truck at Target and added personalizing text to make it fun for my recipient.

It has been the busiest year yet for our family business so crafting has taken a back seat.  But I finally got the dust cover off my Cricut Explore and used a scrap of vinyl to make personalized lettering for each door and the front and back fenders.

I am doing my annual Christmas Journal this year, and this will help with some photos for it!  ha!

Hoping you are finding time for what is fun for you this season!


Anonymous said...

What a creative idea!

Kate said...

Too Cute! I have seen a lot of these too. I love what you did! I've never seen that font before, can I ask what cartridge you used, or was it from their online software? Wishing you a really wonderful holiday!

Sue from Oregon said...

This is so fun!!!

Nadia ( said...

Kate- I am so sorry. I know it was a Cricut font and it was from one of the CTMH or CM carts, but I can't remember which. I have them all loaded in my Design Space and just scrolled without noting the font.

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