Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Cards for My Kiddo!

Yay!  It is Circle Mania Weekend and I am crafting in-person with my message board friends... but my daughter is home and I wanted to make some some cards for her to open while I am gone.  She was a little teary about my trip away, so I wrote little messages inside of each, reminders that I am thinking of her.  I put them in envelopes with instructions on which to open each day.  

For my cards, I used animals that I morphed together with Teddy Bear Parade to create new and different critters that wear the little outfits from the teddy bear cartridge!  You can see my initial post on that by clicking here to see a whole menagerie of characters!  Some of the critters from that post were used on these cards today!  These cards each finish 5" wide by 6" tall and are created by simply scoring a 6" x 10" rectangle of card stock in the middle.

Don't Daydream During Math card...

Crafty details for Don't Daydream During Math card:
  • Base mat - trimmer-cut to 5" x 6" from a 6-1/2" flood-filled square created on the Imagine, printed from Best Friends (page 36).
  • Balloon - cut at 7" on the Expression from Children Around the World (key #8).  Shape was manually cropped down to 6".  I snipped the inside balloon strings so the dog could be placed inside.  The basket was embossed.
  • Dog -  body cut at 2" on the Expression from Teddy Bear Parade; head cut at 1-1/2" from Doodlecharms.  School uniform cut from Teddy Bear Parade at 2".  
  • Bird - cut at 1-1/4" on the Expression from 3 Birds on Parade.  Glasses were cut from Teddy Bear Parade (key #29) at 1-1/4".
  • Numbers - Printing 101.

Backpack Bookmark card....

This silly card just kind of pays homage to crazy, clip-on, zipper pulls my daughter puts on her backpacks.  This card features a pocket to hold money, a note, or (as I have done here) a bookmark! 

Crafty details for Backpack Bookmark card:
  • Mat - trimmer-cut at 5" x 6" and embossed with Cuttlebug Skyward Set.
  • Backpack - cut on the Expression at 5-1/2" from Locker Talk (page 41).  Pockets were popped up with 1/8" pop dots.  I created a zipper by cutting a strip of metallic paper with decorative scissors.  I also cut a 'blackout' version of this cut.  The two layers were attached with 1/8" pop dots to create a space for the bookmark.

  • Zebra zipper pull -  body cut at 1" on the Expression from Teddy Bear Parade; head cut at 1" from Animal Kingdom (page 107, head feature).  I used while gel pen to add stripes to the body.  Glasses were cut at 2" on Teddy Bear Parade (key #29).  I used a jump ring to attach the zebra to a hand-cut metallic paper zipper pull shape.

  • Pencils - hand-cut yellow paper strips were "painted" with gel pen and marker to look like a pencil.
  • Bookmark - Cut on the Imagine using Animal Kingdom (page 131, shift feature) at 5" floodfilled with a print from Doodlecharms (page 10).  I tucked the bookmark into the backpack.

Stupid Smelly Bus card...

Here's a little background bit...There are no buses at my daughter's school but we always get behind at least one on the way to school!  In Kindergarten and First Grade, she used to enjoy reading Junie B. Jones stories.  Once she read the Stupid Smelly Bus, we started referring to all school buses that way, in honor of Junie!  My daughter is always intrigued by what goes on in a school bus... always making up scenarios as we pass them or follow them.

I used three critters from my previous post on my blog, adding school uniforms.  I stuffed 'em in my favorite bus cut and added a little scenery to plant the bus on the road!

Crafty Details for Stupid Smelly Bus:

School bus - cut at 5" on the Expression from Locker Talk (page 34).  Two black bases were cut and  1/8" pop dots were used between the two bases to create a little depth for the critters to exist in.

Blue base - trimmer-cut at 5" x 6"

Green mat - trimmer-cut at 5" x 3"

Gray mat - trimmer-cut at 2-1/2" high with top cut at 2-7/8" and bottom cut at 5"

Pig - body cut at 2" on the Expression from Teddy Bear Parade; head cut at 2" from County Fair. (Head was manually separated from the body).  School uniform cut from Teddy Bear Parade at 2".

Cat -  body cut at 2" on the Expression from Teddy Bear Parade; head cut at 1" from Doodlecharms.  School uniform cut from Teddy Bear Parade at 2".  

Frog -  body cut at 2" on the Expression from Teddy Bear Parade; head cut at 1-1/2" (real dial size) from New Arrival.  School uniform cut from Teddy Bear Parade at 2".

Bumper sticker - trimmer-cut after printing with Microsoft font.

Thank you for checking my blog post today!  You can see many of my previous projects by visiting My Project Gallery, or click here.  I am off to Circle Mania. Hope you get to do a little crafting with friends wherever you are!


Kymberlee - The Paper Midwife said...

That bus cracks me up!

Jayne said...

Your daughter will love each card.Each one is truly wonderful.
Jayne x

Stephanie said...

They are all so cute. I totally enjoy your work.

Annette said...

Both of these are precious and the detailing is so fun! The sentiment on the bus is a hoot.

My Mind's Dust Bunnies

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Awww so sweet! My daughter is in the second grade and started collecting the Junie B Jones books last year. She loves to quote me stuff happening in the books and I seem to recall that smelly school bus - I'm gonna have to show her this ;). Love the wonderful details!

Tina H said...

I always am happy when I get an email that you have a new post. The backpack card is so adorable. Just when I think I have enough cartridges I see what you make and know I need that one too, lol! Very cute cards! As always you are such an amazing inspiration :) Thanks for sharing

Hrvatica said...

Great cards. I'm sure they will make your daughter's separation a little easier. Have fun at Circle Mania (wish I was there).

Kim said...

These are amazing!!! You put so much amazing detail into them!!!!

Dell said...

These cards are just awesome! You put so much detail in your work and it exudes happiness!!!

Susie Craft Happy! said...

Nadia, these are so amazing!!! It was so nice meeting you in person! We had a great time this weekend and I miss you all already!


Sukie said...

Your cards are absolutely gorgeous! I hope you had a fabulous time at the Circle Mania Weekend!

Sis Patterson said...

Wonderful cards - the backpack card with its zipper and zipper pull is totally awesome! Love the zipper, the pencils, and of course, the glass-wearing zebra.

Then there is the "don't dream in math class" card which is totally amazing - love your little creatures and all of the details and numbered kites.

Finally, there is the famous stinky smelly bus! I wonder what adventures those little darlings have to share.

What a fabulous idea to leave something fun for Piper for each day!

Wonderful projects!!!

cdm317 said...

I bet your daughter loved these! Each card is cuter than the next. The backpack with the little Zebra is unbelievably creative! You are amazing!

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