Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Obsessions

With the rain finally over (I hope), work is back to being crazy... but that rainy break meant that I got to over-indulge in my favorite thing: spending time with my family!  I will admit that I also have been sucked into the Instagram vortex... and for that I really blame The Phone Photography Project class. Honestly, I now find myself taking pictures of radishes at the grocery and my kid doing basically nothing.  Want proof?

Part of the whole obsession includes photo app craziness.  I am starting to think I never met a photo app I didn't like... well, okay, I am the only human apparently who doesn't love Histamatic, but aside from that.... it is getting kind of bad.  I finally had to box my apps together.  I am getting ready to need a third box, which is just ridiculous... but you know what is even worse?  I saw a 'storybook effect' on my of my apps that was available for in-app purchase and now I can't find it and it is making me crazy.  Twice now, I have needed that effect but cannot remember which app or which box.  Maybe it was an app I deleted or never bought?  This is when obsession gets a little out-of-hand, people!

Learning about new apps has been a big part of the fun for me.  Some of my new favorites I learned about from other students. That is how I found Collect, possibly my answer to doing 365.  Ha!  I am thinking that this app might actually get me in to try the Archiver's Memory Lab.

I will admit: this is only the second on-line class that I have taken. (Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas was the first).  I find that I sign up for these kinds of things thinking that it will make being creative fast and easy to work into my schedule.  But really, since I am the one taking the class, I should know by now that I make everything into a project.   Case-in-point:  one of our daily challenges was to snap a photo that embodies being a hometown tourist.  I did it and that would have been a great place to stop.  One shot, ten minutes or less, right?

No, I grabbed my husband and kiddo and picked one part of town to be hometown tourists in and we spent the entire day doing that.  (We rained out at the out-of-town location for an event we were putting on otherwise no way could I have convinced my husband to give up an entire day to do this at home!)  I took tons of pictures.  This is a very small sampling...

That would have been enough of making a crafty mountain out of an instructor-suggested molehill, but I plan on picking two other parts of town to do the same thing before the summer is over.  But I have been seeing things differently and chasing light.  And that's never bad, right?

I'm sure some of this (along with photos from the other thirty-one challenges) will turn into a "Project Life" style book-- and probably using that new Artbooking cartridge, but until then, they are hand-held in my phone.

And speaking of Artbooking, I am also obsessed with that!  Due to a weird set of circumstances, I already have this in my hot little hands and yet, all I can do is look at it.  I don't want to cut stuff; I just want to  shoot it, you know, with my phone.  I am hoping that Artbooking will actually get used when work slows down and I find myself wondering what to do with the millions of summer photos I have in captivity.  Until then, I am just swooning, and really, at this time of year, that is just fine!

To see my class challenges and other random acts of point-and-shoot, look me up on Instagram.  I'm nadiahmc there.  And let me know you came from my blog-- I'd love to follow you!

So...what are your summer obsessions?


sweetpea1030 said...

Nadia, it's so much fun here. It's just not enough time in a day. I get caught up in a vortex here! Keep at it. You have a wonderful blog with great projects and ideas.

Michelle said...

Great post Nadia! Sounds like a fun class. I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I love techie things but still have yet to grasp many of the basic functions within an smart phone including taking a decent picture. You took some very fun pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Sara Andrews said...

Nadia~ you make me giggle!! I'm so glad you are enjoying the class. And there is nothing wrong with taking pictures of produce. Or other random things. Unless your teenage kids see you then supposedly it's embarrassing!! ;)

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Great pictures, Nadia! Have a wonderful summer

JennyKozar said...

you inspire me! Thanks for sharing.

Sis Patterson said...

It's a wonderful and inspiring post - and the absolutely most inspiring element is the "tourist in your hometown!" What a fabulous memory of a rain-out and how wonderful to see all of you out together in the summer (without a tractor in sight)! I know you will do something absolutely amazing with your treasured photos!

Ladybug said...

OMG, that is just toooooo cool! Glad to hear that you're just "shooting" pix & nothin' else. LOL albeit radishes. LOL Toooooo cute!

Looooove that touristy pic! Where is that? I'll have to Google it. Just bee-u-tiful!!!

Looks like you're having a ball! Enjoy! TFS! :-)

JJewel said...

I finished up my Digital Photography class this spring at the College! I have learned so much about DSLR now. I am involved with several phone pic sites like Tumblr and photo jojo !!

You need to try to Vine !! Vine-ing is hilarious and addictive. You need an iphone or Android 4.1 or higher to Vine. Check it out :)

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