Monday, April 25, 2016

Welcome to Fabulous Louisville, Kentucky!

It's Derby Festival time again where I live.  We celebrate a two minute horse race with two weeks of festivities.  The super-mega-ginormous Thunder Over Louisville Fireworks display kicked it all off this past weekend.  It is a fun time to live in the area and it is great for our local economy and for our international footprint.

We make a big deal about it and have fun with it!  So for silliness, I am doing some decorations for my house.  This is a kitchen towel I just finished.

OK, I will admit that this is not the best digitized file I have ever used, but it is kitschy and fun and really, now that Why Louisville and Lynn's Paradise Cafe are both closed (although someone just bought the Lynn's property!), it's getting harder to....

The file is from  I think it might be cute, if I stitch this again, to replace the swanky star with a fleur-de-lis, since that is the symbol borrowed from King Louis XVI, the namesake for Louisville.  Or maybe not!  I floated this towel over tearaway and stitched on top of water soluble stabilizer (WSS).  The only fill area was the white behind the letters for "welcome" so it does stitch up pretty fast.

The towel itself is just a cheap bar mop that has strips of cotton print stitched to the bottom hem to dress it up.

I do put every single file through Embrilliance before I stitch it.

This was stitched with Metro polyester embroidery thread.  Stabilizers were from World Weidner.

This was a fun project.  I have a few other Derby projects to complete for my house and only a couple of weeks to get them done.

To see last year's "Talk Derby to Me" towel, click here.  To see previous Derby paper projects, click here and here.   All of my paper projects can be found on my Paper Project Gallery and many of my embroidery projects can be found on my blog's Embroidery page.

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cdm317 said...

I always enjoy the fun projects you do for the Derby and this cute towel is no exception! Love it! Enjoy the Derby festivities!

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