Sunday, July 29, 2012

Angels Among of them is Gina Piazza

I believe in divine intervention.

I don't know how many times it has happened to me that someone says just the right thing or offers just the right opportunity when I know they have no idea how much it means to me at the time.  It often happens right out of the blue.  I will pray a special prayer to myself and someone will use those very words to comfort me---words they could never have known I prayed.  I have heard sermons that I felt were written just for me, but could not have been.  When I was Methodist, I once broke down in tears to my minister, in his office, just before church was getting ready to start.  The sermon he gave to us during that service was so much the answer to my worries that he even pulled me aside after church to swear that the sermon he gave had been written weeks before.  I fully believe it was written for me, whether he knew it or not.

It always shakes me.  It always makes me cry grateful tears.  It has happened all of my adult life.

And so it has happened to me again.

My friend and wonderfully talented artist, Gina Piazza, sent me a complete surprise in the mail yesterday.  I cannot tell you how much her kindness changed my whole outlook!  I was instantly reminded that the best thing I have gained as a crafter is the lovely collection of friends I have acquired.  Those kind spirits have come to mean so much to me!  

So, if you don't know Gina Piazza, you have to check out her blog (click here).  You can also see other things she has made for me and for my daughter by looking at my Art From Friends page, or click here.

This is what she sent me yesterday....

I opened it to find.....


There was a mermaid--- totally signature Gina!  Altered figure, mounted on foamcore, painted... Perfect!

There was a castle!

On the top, she had placed a packet of paper dolls!  Paper dolls from the swap.... the swap that I was too busy to participate in!  I opened them and felt like they were little reminders of the talented crafters in the Cricut Circle who had made them!  Like little crafty spirits!  And they were AWESOME!!

And there were some fun supplies for me!

And there was a sweet note... that note was what did it.  First of all, the card she made was pure art!

And it was sooooo 'Gina'!  Her note had me in tears.  She said that she had been planning this gift since Renee, the organizer of the swap, had announced the swap. She noted some of the unique and beautiful touches on the dolls that their makers had done.  She said she wanted me to have a 'cut book' of all the dolls.

All the dolls?  I only saw Sarah.  THAT'S WHEN I REALIZED HER CASTLE WAS A BOX!...And I had ALL the dolls!

They are treasures!  There are tons of them!  I was so impressed with them and learned so much!  I found techniques I want to try!

If you want to see them all, head over to Renee's blog!  You can start with the "Tyler" dolls (click here) and work your way back.  She has photographed them all from her swap and they are a joy to see!

Then I had to break the news to my helper that I wasn't sharing them!  Note the frown-y face.  Piper was in love with them, each one becoming her favorite.

I know this sounds crazy, but it was as if Gina had sent me crafty spirits that were telling me to "hang in there."  I couldn't even take these pictures until this evening because it just touched me so much that I couldn't look at them without getting teary.

The other BIG news in Gina's note is that we might just get to meet again at an upcoming crop!  YAY!!!  So what's there to be upset about.... gee.... I can't remember anymore.

Thank you, Gina, for your friendship, for your thoughtfulness, for your talent, and for your kindness!  You are an angel among us!


Audrey Frelx said...

Nadia, what a beautiful post and a beautiful tribute to Gina.

Her gift to you is just stunning, and you so deserve it, my friend! You're an angel among us yourself!!!

Hrvatica said...

Wow. I'm so glad this angel touched your life. May you continued to be blessed because you so deserve it.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh what a wonderful surprise. You are truly blessed Nadia... hugs from ukiah

Sis Patterson said...

Wonderful and lovely gift! The castle box is amazing and perfect for the entire collection! Exceptional gift and perfect timing.

Karon said...

What a fabulous gift and blessed to have such a generous and crafty friend. TFS

Dell said...

These are simply awesome!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said... sad to see Piper's pout :(. Those dolls look cute! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful crafting friend. Have a wonderful time with your new toys!

D- said...

Wow. What a sweet thing for her to do.
My husband had 3 surgeries in June/July and when one of our neighbors found out they mowed our lawn and pulled a bunch of weeds.
Angels are everywhere.
Thanks for sharing.

Tamika said...

That's so cool!

Loving My Crafts said...

What a wonderful gift, good friends are treasures to treasure

paperANDi - Stephanie Dang said...

What a sweet gift from Gina! She is amazingly talented! And thank you so much for sharing with us a part of your life! :)

You know I always love to see your projects and am always amaze at the things you do to paper die-cuts~!!

But thank you so much for your compliments- I am in shock that someone as talented as you would give such high compliments on my work!! :)


Melissa said...

Great post! I had tears in my eyes too!

Michele said...

Wow, what an amazing thing! Those dolls are adorable, and it was so sweet of her to send them to you, along with all those other things. What a gift a treasured friend is!

(coming over from the circle MB)

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

What a lovely post! It put a smile on my face to read this and hear about the wonderful friends you have in your life! You are most certainly blessed!!!
And that projects by Gina is blowing my mind!!!

Marty said...

So sweet of Gina and for someone who is so deserving. Enjoy your treasure.

Michele Kovack said...

If anyone deserves a special box of goodies, it is you! You are such a sweet thoughtful person!!! Enjoy!!!!

KOLA Designs said...

How incredibly sweet and thoughtful! Got me all teary-eyed too! You so deserve a special surprise like this, and more! Every time I see "Nadia" in my inbox when you comment on my blog I get so excited to know that someone I so respect in the crafty world has taken the time to visit and comment.

Keep being you! We all love you for it :)

Sukie said...

Aww, what a touching post! What a wonderful surprise and the dolls are absolutely stunning! You deserve your goodies, hope you enjoy them!

cdm317 said...

Gina is a wonderful gifted artist, but most importantly, I think she is a special spirit. Your RAK from her is amazing! May you find all kinds of joy from it, you certainly deserve it!

Cindy said...

Okay, you're making me want to cry. What a beautiful post and such a fabulous gift :-)

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