Saturday, August 13, 2011

Diagonal Floodfilling

I have been brainstorming ideas for adding color to my Yudu projects on a single screen.  This is my latest experiment:  floodfilling the screen with multiple colors diagonally.

I also wanted to try out some new inks that I found at Hobby Lobby.  The colors are so much fun and different from any I have from Yudu or Ryonet.  These are "Simply Screen" inks by Plaid.

They are $1.50 per ounce, which places them right in the middle of the price range I have been paying for ink.  The Ryonet inks I have bought have been 84 cents per ounce; the Yudu brand inks are $2.33 per ounce.  I love the colors available in this line!  The OMG Green is a perfect Cricut green!

I decided to use them all together on this project. 

I prepared my screen with emulsion as usual.  You can click here to go to my Yudu page for details on how to apply emulsion and prepare the screen.  The fonts I used were straight from my computer (Microsoft) and I printed them directly onto my transparency.  In this order, they are: 
Sybil Green (100 point)
Planet Benson 2 (100 point)
Melanie BT (160 point)
Annie BTN (150 point)

Then, I added the color diagonally, making my best (though failed) attempt not to let the colors overlap.

With the frame raised, I used my squeegee to floodfill the screen, but unlike usual screenings, this time I did so diagonally.  I moved from upper left to lower right and then back up to be sure the ink was in place.

I lifed up my squeegee and cleaned it off.  Then I lowered the screen to the t-shirt and pulled the ink as normal by moving my squeegee down the screen.

And when I lifed the screen, this was my treat:

Thank you for visiting my blog today.  You can see all of my projects by clicking here or by clicking the "My Project Gallery" tab at the top of the blog.  There, you will find my paper and Cricut crafts as well as my other Yudu projects. 


JennyKozar said...

FANTASTIC!!! I may get my YUDU out of the box yet.

Dayna Sabrina said...

Great job Nadia! Interesting technique!

Diane Hodrick said...

what fun colors..that came out so cute!

ScrappyMama said...

Awesome! I believe that you must be the YUDU Queen!!

Teresa Kline said...

these are wonderful and such fun...hope your day is awesome!

enjoy *~*

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Wow... you did a great job on this...

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