Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanks for a Great First Week!

This is the first year that my daughter wasn't looking forward to the first day of school.  I blame it on an end-of-summer vacation with fabulous, spoil-her-rotten, fun grandparents and a weird teacher experience the previous year.  But... as we all know, anticipation is often the worst part and, sometime during the very first day, she fell in love with her new teacher!  Thank heavens!

My daughter loves everything about Mrs. Wild, from her "no homework on the first day" policy (a first for these kids) to rearranging the seats after the second day so friends could sit side-by-side.  This teacher has even created a Class Handbook-- she's tuned in to the fact that the kids at this very strict school want to do things right and understand how things will operate without having to figure it out as they go.  My daughter read the handbook to me on the way to gymnastics one evening, proudly proclaiming at the end:  This is going to be a great year.  I had no idea a simple handbook could give such confidence and...maybe even comfort.

I wanted to make a thank you card for a great first week of 3rd Grade...this one has monkeys, flowers, and a castle....go figure.  A busy, simple card?

I started with the card from page 65 in the Cricut Artiste Cartridge.  This card opens down and is closed with a paper tab cut at the top.  At Fit-to-Page on my Expression, it cut at 5".  Additionally, I cut the word "thanks" at 1-1/2" and cut apart the letters so that I could have a contrast.  I popped them up 1/8".

I cut a frame from Cricut Art Philosophy at 4-1/2",  to give a little color to my kraft paper card, and taped the picture in behind it.

For the embellishments:

  • Using Cricut Mother's Day, I cut tiny pink flowers from key #26 at 1/2".  For my larger flowers, I cut yellow layers from key #8 at 3/4 and pink layers from key #35 at 3/4".  I layered my larger flowers and filled with a micro pompom.  They were inked in pink.
  • I also cut and inked tiny monkeys, to match the class theme (apparently a Mrs.Wild favorite), from Noah's ABC Animals at 3/4".  I cut one additional pink flower to use as a mat for one of the monkeys from Mother's Day- key #18 at 3/4.
  • I cut a castle from  Wrap It Up at Real Dial Size 2" (page 24 card feature).  "Bravo" was stamped on using an Artiste Collection stamp from "Kudos".  (The school looks like a castle, in case you are wondering about that one!)

Thanks for checking my blog post today!  I seem to be stuck on simple cards....but not for long!  I have a few projects in mind now that I am getting ready to tackle for an upcoming event.  Hoping that what is in my head works out on paper!

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Tanya/Nonna said...

Hooray for great first days of school! My boys are all grown up now, but I remember those nervous, jittery first days of school then as they got older, the moaning and groaning of back to school...again? Isn't it amazing how a caring, kind, involved teacher can change an attitude so quickly? Happy to hear that Piper got just the teacher she needed! Your card is just perfect, I love all the the girly details and the smile on her face is priceless! I hope she enjoys every day of 3rd grade!

Cropalcoholic!! said...

Glad your daughter had a great first day of school and your card is really nice!!

Sharondalyn @

Tammy said...

Great job Nadia.

Josie0602 said...

Great card and love the smile that your daughter has in the photo. Yay for wonderful teachers who get what it means to be the kind of teacher a kid wants to learn from!


Loving My Crafts said...

That's lovely Nadia! It must be such a relief that she loves her new teacher. I well remember what it was like when ours were unhappy at school.

Sis Patterson said...

A lovely card! Artiste is such a fabby cart - and you, of course, are rocking! Love all of the fun elements too.

Best wishes to Piper for a fabulous year (sitting next to her friends) and with the awesome Mrs. Wild!

Diane said...

Sounds like your daughter got a wonderful teacher this year! I remember how stressful the first days of school were when my boys were her age!


Karon said...

Glad to know she has had a great first few days. Its always difficult for us to let go but always good to know that everything is OK. My eldest daughter starts High school and its the first time I won't get to meet her teacher on the first day. My youngest goes into grade 6 and she is so excited to know who her new teacher is going to be:-) Great thank you card and what a lovely photo:-)

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Oh so happy for Piper! What a great change of attitude inspired by an awesome teacher! Love the card too - although I wouldn't call your work "simple".

Hrvatica said...

Lovely card. Glad to hear your daughter loves her new teacher and is approaching the new school year with confidence.

Audrey Frelx said...

Nadia, what a wonderful card and such a great picture of your DD with her big beautiful smile. So glad her first day back at school went well!!!

Dell said...

Nadia this is so adorable! So glad your daughter got a wonderful teacher.

BTW, I am posting a link to your blog on my blog. Just thought you'd like to know. Your work is magnificent!!!


Francine said...

Great card Nadia! It's wonderful that Piper is settling in and likes her teacher. That always makes for a great school year.

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