Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Spring!

Finally, the snow and cold are gone (I hope!!) and the flowers are in bloom around here!  The day I made this card, it was 81° (ok, a little warmer than spring-like temps, but welcome nonetheless) and all the ornamental pear trees in my neighborhood bloomed all at once on that day!  The sky was blue and the breeze was perfect.  Between my errands and walks, I was stuck in the office... but I stole away a bit of time in my crafty space to make a quick card for a friend.

For this card, I started with the cheerleader image on Cricut cartridge All Sports and cut it at 6" on my Expression.  I cut away her legs and pompoms.

I trimmed down her hair and hand-cut a couple of extra locks.  I cut  an extra "hair do" from flesh colored paper, and created an extra face from the waste, backed it in black and added a little hand-drawn detail to her eyelashes, instead of trying to glue on those teeny, tiny features!  Doing this, she also gained a chin and her head tilt changed.

That GINORMOUS mouth was cut from the cartridge at the 6" relative size (like the body) but my 9-year-old daughter told me it was ridiculous.  Kids tell you honestly what you already know!  I peeled that crazy, big ole mouth off and re-cut only the white layer at 5-1/2" relative size and edged it with hot pink marker.

Much better, don't you think?  I added the collar detail from the cartridge cut and hand-cut a skirt.

The background was printed from Imagine cartridge Best Friends-- I have had it in my stash for a while.  I trimmed it to 5-1/8" x 9".  The figure was popped up on all edges except for the bottom which was adhered flush to the page.

The text was cut from Alphalicious at 1".  The flowers were cut from Mother's Day Bouquet at 1/2" using keys #5 and #27 and layered for dimension.  The grass was edge-punch-cut and the leaves were hand-cut.

Thank you for checking my blog today.  I hope you are having a bit of spring wherever you are today.

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Ohhh Snap said...

Great card! It's been raining, raining here. But it's been sooooo dry, I'm trying not to covet sunshine lol. Plus rain is soooo much better than ice. TFS!

L.B. said...

She is super great. I love how you take base images and create unique images of your own...It always makes me look at my own cuts differently. Love her mouth smaller as well. Thanks for sharing such a fun card. (sadly yesterday it was only 44 where I am in Illinois...maybe 60 today!)

Michelle said...

Incredible card Nadia! You are a "people designer". Your card is fresh and spring !!!!!!We have yet to see Spring officially arrive here in MN as it is snowing right now as part of a Winter weather advisory and another snow accumulating storm is expected midweek. Have an awesome day and take a breath of fresh air for me. I wish we could successfully grow pear trees here. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Beautiful transformation from the original cut. Love how you made her dimensional too.

Gramjak said...

A wonderful card to show exactly how we are feeling here in ST. Louis as the weather is beautiful today (after the tornadoes of this past week!). Love your creativity (as always) and agree that our daughters "tell it like it is"!

See you on Friday!!!

Hrvatica said...

What a fun spring card! Love how you altered the cheerleader cut. I'm going to have to wait quite a while for the ornamental pear in my yard to bloom as we are still below freezing with three feet of snow on the ground.

JennyKozar said...

Love it Nadia - and Piper was spot on!!

cdm317 said...

I just love it when you alter cuts! It's so creative. She is a fabulous card and I know your friend will treasure it!

Karen said...

Fantastic card! Love all of your creations! Thanks for showing us how you created it too! Love seeing your creative process in making it!

byAnnette said...

Great Alterations!

Sis Patterson said...

I TREASURE it! Thank you, Nadia for the gloriously joyful Spring card that I found in my mailbox today! I got a quick peek at your blog earlier today and said I really needed to stop by and tell you how much I ADORE it when I got home - imagine my surprise when I found it in REAL LIFE.

It is beyond wonderful - thank you for your gift of friendship that you also share with us in each post with all of your fabulous details and insights. She is absolutely gorgeous and will be joining those chatty chickens!

Thank you again!!!!

JJ said...

Beautiful card and love your altered cuts!!!!!

DIANA L. said...

What a happy spring card you have created. It is great

Audrey Frelx said...

Nadia, a wonderful spring card; and I love the cuts!!!

Another great place to come -- here to see your awesome creations!

Hugs, my friend!

Teri said...

Love how you take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Where do you get your inspiration from? I would look at the cheerleader and say to myself, oh that's a cute image whereas, you look at it and say, I see more than that! Love to watch your blog.

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