Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Day of School!

Wow!  Today is the last day of school!  How did this happen so fast?

My daughter's school has a half-day today, flocked with events like Crazy Teacher Olympics (where the teachers do things like Egg Toss and other games intended to make them messy kid entertainment) and Hallway Sock Races (the one day they are allowed to run in the hall).  They do make it really fun and, this year, they have added Crazy Hair to the day... more about that later!

As always, I made little treats for the kids and I have a gift for her fantastic teacher, Mr. Workman!  I must have regressed last night, because I pulled a late-nighter getting these treats done... And for a little nostalgia, my husband yammered at me, asking why I waited until the last minute and "didn't you know for some time that this was the last day of school."  Mom would have been proud of his lecturing!

Despite that, I had a blast making these Book Worm treats!  

I got the idea from my Pinterest boards which lead me to the post on the Sweet Serendipity blog.  (Click here to see her version.)  I picked a 'book worm' theme because Piper's teacher has been stressing to the kids this past week to do summer reading!  I thought this was a fun tie-in.

As disgusting as I find gummy worms to be, I kind of liked these because they were rainbow-colored and smelled great!  I used four packages for 15 treat bags.  (These are from Walmart).

The toppers were cut to 4"x4".  (I sized them for 9"x4" pleated treat bags).   I printed the sentiment on my printer using Microsoft Coaster at 20 point for the top text and Calibri at 16 for the lower text.  I figured out a little trick for lining up the toppers:  I printed off the text onto white paper, lining up the first topper with my light box.  Then I marked the top and top corners.  All the remaining toppers were simply placed on the sheet using the marks and taped in place.  I saved a lot of time and they all matched exactly!

The caterpillar was cut from Create-A-Critter at 3" on my Expression.   For the books, I hand-cut little 7/8" x 5/8" rectangles and folded them into book shapes.  The books were applied with a 1/16" pop dot; the caterpillars were applied with 1/4" Terrifically Tacky Tape for a strong hold!

Yesterday,  I worked on a gift card box for a teacher gift.  

You can see my tutorial on making these by clicking here!  (Cart, cut, and plastic embossing details are all on that post!)  This one was made by embossing on the Cuttlebug with a Sizzix folder and cutting the box from high-gloss card stock.  The apple and ribbon are from Makin the Grade; the scalloped circle in between the apple and ribbon is from Mini Monograms.  I popped up each layer with an 1/8" pop dot and adhered to the box with E6000 glue.

I created a little card to go inside to hold the gift card.  My daughter wrote a sweet little message of appreciation inside to her teacher.

And lastly.... what almost made us late for this last day of school... a quick, crazy hair-do featuring blue hair spray and some surfers from Fun In the Sun (the girl was cut at 2-1/4"; the boy was 1-3/4").  Luckily, these cuts layered pretty fast this morning!  

Dropping her off this morning, I saw a rainbow of kid hair flooding into the school.  Woohoo!  We made it on time and... another summer is just beginning!  

Thank you for checking out my blog post today!  Happy Last Day of School!

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Karon said...

My apologies Nadia!! In my post for some reason I called you Michele - I have been reading to many blogs today I beleive LOL. I think your work is fabulous and please forgive me.

Sis Patterson said...

Amazing!~ All of it - hair, surfers, teacher gift, last day of school gift (love the worms - all of them and the book), and tying it all together and getting it done!

I am so happy to hear of fun school things like Running in the Hallway in Socks and Crazy Teacher Olympics.

Have a fabulous summer, ladies!

Nadia ( said...

Karon- there is nothing to forgive! You are so sweet to visit and comment on blogs-- no worries!!

Creative Hayes Creations said...

Cute idea with the worms,lol.. who would have thought to do paper hair accessories..hmm now my brain in spinning,lol. Nice job on everything.

swiagal said...

Great project! And how cool that you used Trolli BriteCrawlers! FYI - that's where I work.

Crafty Teacher said...

Sounds like something I would do .. project the night before! :) Better late than never I say. :) Love the card holder. Haven't had a chance to try your technique yet, but can't wait to do so. The images in your daughters hair are great. I never thought of doing that for a 'theme' day. Fun.

DIANA L. said...

Super cute idea

Cynthia Eloise said...

wow, your daughter is out for the summer already. my grandkids don't get out for 3 more weeks.

Lori said...

Hi, Nadia, these projects are so much fun. I can just tell that you enjoy making these!!! I sure enjoy seeing them and learning from you :)

Sukie said...

Super cute projects as always. Love how fun the gummy worms are and I'm sure the gift card was a huge hit with the teacher!

Brandy said...

What cool gift ideas!!! They are all so cute! :)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Nadia, you are so so creative, love the little bags , and Piper's hair is co cute.

Susan in Devon said...

Love your crafty ideas. Wish I had the Cricut when I could o made stuff for my son's friends and teachers. They are too old now. Its worth the hard work. TFS. xx

jjlarson said...

I absolutely LOVE the hairdo! I've been very OK that I have been blessed with only boys, but that hairdo is sooo making me wish that I had a daughter. I wonder if any of the boys would let me try it? Probably not worth the cost of therapy later in life. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

Cindy@ said...

Cute cute cute. I love the book worms.

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