Friday, May 4, 2012

Milk and Cookie Doll Party and Banner Challenge Entry

My daughter has been bugging me for days.... She used some of the money she was given by family in her First Communion cards to buy some things from the American Girl Doll site, including another doll.  She has been so excited about this.  She set up her other dolls in careful anticipation of their new friend's arrival... they are all dressed up and positioned with their arms up to show their unbridled excitement :),  and they have a gift for the new doll... REALLY!  I made the mistake of showing her the tracking info after it was emailed to me and she has bugged me daily to re-check it and report the status of its location.  She knows the package is due to arrive today... and it did!

To make it extra fun for her (as if that is needed), I took time today to make a little make-believe milk-and-cookie welcome doll party to surprise her when she got home from school.  I started by using Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More 2 to create little milk cartons.

I love the scoring on this cartridge, but I don't use a scoring tool (I don't own it --- yet), so I score by simply adjusting the blade depth to 2 and the pressure to 2 for scoring, changing it back to my regular settings for cutting the outline.  I cut down coffee stirrers to make little straws.

These were cut at 4" on my Expression.  The text was cut from Mickey Font at 1/2" in vinyl (using pressure 3, blade depth 3, and speed 3.)  Adding the vinyl was an after-thought, but because the cartons are so little, they gained sturdiness so it was a breeze to add the text after the cartons were assembled using transfer tape.

For the cookies, I bought a little kit for my daughter to make them herself from air-drying clay!  She loves making things for her dolls, often finding projects in the American Girl Magazine or from things she creates on her own!  I am hoping this will be a fun activity for her this weekend when she is at her Nana's house!

I created a 'Welcome' banner for the party using the Pretty Pennants cartridge.

I cut the pennants at 3-1/4".  In addition to the base cut, I also cut a scallop.  For two of the end pennants, I cut a decorative layer.

For the pennants with the letters, I used Mini Monograms for the scalloped circles, cut at 1-3/4" and 2-1/4", and Mickey Font for the letters, cut from vinyl at 3/4".  I placed pop dots between the scalloped circles.  I accented them with butterflies from Paper Trimmings at 1-1/4".  I cut the backgrounds of the butterflies from card stock and the black outline from vinyl, using transfer tape to apply the outline onto the backgrounds.  I shaped them and added little gel pen accents.

This banner is my entry in the Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge for this month as well!

Well, of course, she was in heaven....can't wait to see how those little cookies turn out.

Thank you for checking my blog today.  To see many of my previous projects, click here to go to My Project Gallery.


LindaV said...

A girl after my own heart! I still love to play with dolls! Look at that wardrobe in the background! Wow!! Bless Piper on her First COmmunion and congratulations on her new arrival!!

Char said...

What a lucky girl!! Your banner is adorable and the milk cartons are too cute for words!!

I can't wait to see what you do next - everything is just so creative!

L.B. said... I have to get ready for my own party..for next Sunday when our doll arrives home after..
1. being bought at the store in Chicago and spending the night at grandmas before coming home...soooo excited to enter this world of AG dolls

Nadia ( said...

Linda-- That is only half of the wardrobe. I got a little crazy this winter!!

LB -- you are going to have so much fun with her!!

cema1cema said...

Such a great idea! So cute! Christina

Lisa said...

Hi Nadia!!!
Wonderful banner & those adorable milk cartons... Fabulous! You're so very cleaver!
Hope you're having a beautiful day!!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

How fun... I am sure she was was excited when she got home from school...she is one lucky girl to have such a talented mom...

Sis Patterson said...

What a wonderful welcome for a new friend in Piper's circle. The wonderful (and pretty) party banner, the milk cartons, and butterflies were sure to be a hit among the young set. Just so darn cute!

Scrappin with the bug said...

OH my goodness. That is above and beyond on the GREATNESS!!! Looks like little miss P was totally excited. I have 1 AG - now - but I'm sure it will grow. Love the banner too cute. Never thought about using vinyl likeyou did on the butterflies works great.

cridiana said...

Your banner is so cute! I love the butterflies. I like a lot the milk cartons.

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