Thursday, November 4, 2010

If the shoe fits...

I was introduced by Linda Kaiser's Paper Boutique to the most lovely blogger who gave the instructions for a wonderful "Marie" shoe to use as a gift package.  Terri at Artful Affirmations has the most wonderful little shoe on her blog!  Using her easy-to-follow directions on her video and template, I made this...


She suggests using it as a 'package' for a bundle of laces or ribbons.  I think just a simple note would be sweet!

I used a sheet of printed cardstock with a flocked floral corner.  I cut the shoe pieces to use this detail!  A coordinating paper was used for the ruffle, although now that I look at it, how much better it would have been if I had used the Martha Stewart eyelet edger punch before pleating it!  

I did add a couple of things, such as the heel.  She used a spool and button, but I wanted a squared heel, more similar to a Louie mule.  I added the thin strip of felt all the way around the shoe to hide the cut edges where the upper and lower soles meet and to outline the shoe.

I glued on a bit of alencon lace edging.  I decorated that with paper flowers I cut from Pagoda, pages 56 and 57, cut at 1/2".  I nested the smaller flower in the larger one and put a pearl in the center of each.  I also used pearls to decorate the flocked flower on the toe.  A butterfly that I cut directly out of printed paper gives the only color on the shoe.  

One little trick when using Terri's template... I click on the image of the template, then highlight and copy.  Then I open a Word document and paste it there.  That allowed me to get the full template on one sheet of paper.  I think the shoe I made is smaller than Terri's but it worked pretty well for me.  I was able to cut the pieces out of one 8"x8" piece of decorative paper!

My papers were from DCWV La Creme stack.  The butterfly is from a paper in the GCD Studios Melody Ross Artsy Urban #899 stack. 

One more fun COMPLETELY non-craft-related bit of news that I want to share...

My aunt has been involved with education for her entire career, including past service as the Director of the National Middle School Association. She will be meeting with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on Monday. Justice O'Connor has created a game for students that teaches the branches of government designed for middle grade students.... It's free. Check it out at .

Thanks for looking at my project!  I would love to know if you try it!  


Terri said...

I just love the shoe you made! It is smaller than the one I make in the video, but that is fine. I thought it would work well in many different sizes.
I love the colors you used, the black trim, the lace and flowers. It all works so well, and your heal is fab.
Great job!
I am so glad you enjoyed making it.

Nadia ( said...

What a wonderful surprise to see this comment! I did really love making this shoe. I am so glad you like it! I actually ended up turning it into an ornament by adding a ribbon hanger to it. Well, you have a wonderful blog and I most love your personal statement about yourself celebrating choices and opportunities! Such a great outlook!

Natalie said...

AHH! I LOVE that shoe, Nadia! Your work is just lovely. My bathroom is decorated with Marie Antoinette stuff, so I definitely need to make a pair. Thanks for sharing the link.

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