Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rock Princess gets a convertible... or Punch It, Martha!

Remember that old commercial with the little old ladies when one of them yells, "Punch it, Martha!" and off they speed?  I can't even remember what product was being advertised in the 80s when it aired, but we say that in the car all the time.

I got my Nifty Fifties cart a week or so ago and just did not know what I was going to do with it... nothing spoke to me!  Today's Circle On-Line Swarm project inspired me to use it; we are instructed to use metal and glitter so this car was it!  Once I saw the text "Punch it" on there, I had to smile!

I used car2 on page 46, cut at 4-3/4".  I cut the windshield twice:  clear hologram glitter paper and blue cardstock.  This allowed me to have a "space" to put the character.

I cut an extra steering wheel since I needed the character to sit behind it.
I used silver paper for the chrome.  The lights are white cardstock covered with glitter (fabulous Ranger Holographic Glitter that I received from a terrific RAK that Lizzieming on the Circle sent to me).  I used my Xyron to coat the shapes in adhesive before glittering.

The character is the moped driver from Rock Princess, page 32, cut at 4-1/2".  I cut off her body, chopped her hair a bit too, added to her glasses, and gave her a nose!

The "punch it" text that I mentioned, was cut at 1".  I added a smoke cloud... which was actually one of the clouds from Serenade, cut at 2-1/4".  The car and driver are popped up with pop dots.

Thanks for looking at my project!  Tomorrow (Sunday, November 14), my daughter and I will be having our drawing for the embossing folders that I mentioned in an earlier post.  You can check it out here. 


TR said...

What fun!
I can't remember what that commercial was from either. Maybe I can google it. :)


TR said...

" Punch it Margart! "

hahahaha TR

Nadia said...

OMGosh! It's Margaret!!!! We have been saying it wrong since 1989!!! Well, I can't change now! That also explains that when I googled it, I kept getting posts for Martha Stewart punches and just gave up. Margaret!

Thanks TR!

Tanya said...

Margaret...Martha...whatever you call it....this card is awesome! It is just sooo much it!

Anonymous said...

Adorable card!!!


hgregory8558 said...

I LOVE IT!! You amaze me with your talent with each post that you put on your blog! Keep up the GREAT work!!

Brens Designs said...

I love this card!!! I'm going to try and make one like this for my granddaughter. How cute! TFS

Sarah_Leigh said...

Super cute, I love it!

Robin Marshall Clark said...

I love it! You use Rock Princess alot. I actually bought the cart because of your work with it. Now I just need your vision. Amazing work again, Nadia!

Nadia said...

I do use that cart a whole bunch. I am hoping Shall We Dance arrives soon so I will have more figures and poses!

Therese said...

Your imagination just blows me away, and your funny to boot!!!
YOU GO GIRL its awesome.

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