Tuesday, March 29, 2011

By Jiminy (Cricket) I found RGB codes with COLOURlovers!

I just found a great new tool that I wanted to share!  After searching for RGB codes and seeing requests for licensed characters' RGB codes, I stumbled upon COLOURlovers.com and their great tool, PHOTOCOPA.

First, you need to upload your picture or find a picture.  I found the picture of Jiminy Cricket using Google Images by searching his name.  I hovered over pictures I liked in order to see the size.  You will need at least 256x256 to use the software, but you can always change the size if your picture is too small.

Next, I saved the picture to my computer by right-clicking and selecting 'save image as'.  Then I uploaded it to Photobucket. Once uploaded, copy the code for 'direct link'.

Next, go to the ColourLovers website and select PHOTOCOPA from the tools (or click here). Click on the 'photos' button, enter your URL, and click 'load photo'.  A sample of all the colors in your image will show up on the right.  Under your picture, you will see five blocks.  You can click on a block and then click on a color in your image and the color will also appear in the box!  Hover over the box to get  the RGB code for that color.

One thing to keep in mind is that colors can vary based on your image.  I found two images of Jiminy Cricket.  They both looked like the right colors, but the colors did not not match.
This should remind us that although they do not match, both images look authentic.  Either palette, I believe, would look great on the die cut image.

For those of you taking notes, the RGB codes for the first palette (JC2) are:
skin 156, 200, 141
hat 69,121,178
pants 170,114,89
ascot and button 255,153,25
vest 255,55,42
jacket 35,35,37

The RGB codes for the second palette (JC) are:
skin 215,228,159
hat 0,113,184
pants 173,123,2
ascot and button 236,217,53
vest 235,39,40
jacket 80,66,79

I loved this site and think the free tool will be a great help for future projects.  It works with photographs too, not just cartoons!  I was able to save my images and their palettes but unable to print until I published!  That is free too and you will get a URL.  For instance, the URL for JC2 is http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1512990/JC_2.  One fun thing, if you publish a palette with colors that have not yet been named, you will have to name them.  This is why you will see Jimney Hat and Jimney Vest as two of my colors.  (Yes, I named them before I knew how Mr. Cricket spelled his name!)

Thank you for checking my blog.  I hope you found this helpful!


Anonymous said...

This is a cool tool, I go to that site often but I haven't seen this yet :)

Thanks for sharing it!!! :)

Oh and I cannot see your picture at the top of your post, I am using Internet Explorer 8, I can see all the other pictures just not the top one in the post :)

Nadia said...

Oops! Should be fixed now. Thank you for the heads up!

Got2BCrafting said...

Thank you so much Nadia! I am always looking for RGB codes for Disney characters! I don't know how to use Photobucket, so hopefully I can figure that one out. :)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love colourlovers! As a talent challenged crafter I love this tool for creating a great looking palette to match anything.
Your work is stunning, and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

DIANA L. said...

Hi, I'm stopping in to send some LOVE & hugs from the link up party


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