Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Garland to Appease the Giant Leprechaun

My husband absolutely loves St. Patrick's Day!  Last year, he went over the edge and dressed up like a leprechaun, meeting my daughter at the door after school.  He had stories of a real leprechaun visiting him earlier in the day.  He had a scavenger hunt for gifts, complete with clues for my daughter.  He set the table with shamrock-covered plates, provided each of us a light up green ring, and had pizza for us.  The pizza, while not very Irish, was shocking because this is not the kind of guy to fix or arrange for dinner for the fam. 

This year, he bought a shamrock light set, a plaque, stickers, cards to send, and asked me to decorate with that stuff.  Not an easy order considering what it was!  Anyway, to make him happy, and to participate in the Sunday Challenge: Bling with Buttons, I created a little garland.

I used Simply Charmed to cut two 6" leprechauns (one is flipped).  I embossed their jackets and rubbed lightly with a stamp pad to show off the design.
I inked the hair, beard, and eyebrows.
I ran their hats through the Xyron and then placed the hat buckle and band before sprinkling with Martha Stewart glitter over the adhesive-covered hat.   

I also cut the rainbow with a pot of gold from the same cart, also at 6".  I accented it with gold glitter glue and buttons.  I cut shamrocks from Paper Doll Dress Up at 1-1/2", 2", and 2-3/4".  I used a CropADile to hole punch all the shapes and laced the pieces together with 1/16" satin ribbon.
I added a few extra shamrocks to dangle on each end.  The garland was secured with mounting putty.
My daughter really is having fun with this crazy stuff, which makes it all worth the effort.  Now... shamrock lights... that is going to take a little thought!


greenbean said... stinkin' cute!...

Audrey Pettit said...

LOL! Your husband is a HOOT! Dressing up as a leprechaun? Buying all that stuff? Sooooooo fun! Sounds like he's got spirit. :)
I think your banner is just adorable. Really fun and playful. I bet your hubby and daughter really enjoy it.

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