Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ready for the Last Day of School? Yes We Are!

The mad rush was on today as I got together an autograph shirt and treats for my kiddo to send to school for tomorrow, the last day!  Her school has some fun traditions for their final half day, including  a teachers' egg toss, running barefoot down the hall, and signing each other's shirts.

Kindergarten through second grade, I have allowed her to ruin a uniform shirt (which I always hated!), but after I saw the autograph shirt today on the Eighteen25 blog, I knew that would solve my problem!  With a time crunch, there was no luxury of designing something, certainly no silk-screening, but with a couple of Cricut cartridges and heat transfer vinyl, I was able to make this in about ten minutes.

The text on the front was cut from Cricut Total Sports (font 2-shift) at 2-1/4".  The back "third grade" graphic was cut from Cricut Locker Talk at 6".  I added the years info using Cricut Songbird at 3/4".  No designing, no software, just stick in the cart, hit the 'flip' button, and press cut.  I find that using my heat press (without steam) it takes two pressings for each layer to be adhered.  Not too bad for a $3 t-shirt from Walmart and scraps of HTV.  (Cutting HTV-- or Heat Transfer Vinyl-- is a breeze on a Cricut.  Set it at speed 3, pressure 3, and blade 3.  Make sure you are cutting the vinyl side and not the shinier backing side!  "Weed" off the negative space using the Cricut dental pick tool.  Press without steam and voila!!)

Then all heck broke loose when I realized I needed to do 'last day' treats.  (How did I forget that??)  Last week I had the idea of home-baked cookies bagged with fun toppers with a punny message and dancing cookie character.  With no time for all of that, I was saved when I found a sweet, fun idea on Pinterest from bethproudfoot.blogspot.com.  The pin wouldn't take me to her blog, but her idea was basic, fast, and perfect to personalize!

I used Cricut Mini Monograms to make 3" scallops (real dial size) and 2-1/2" circles (real dial size).  I ran the circles through my office printer to add the text.  I used my nifty new Tiny Attacher, courtesy of the fabulous Sara Andrews, who sent it to me as part of a prize I recently won.  With no jagged edges on the back and super tiny, they are perfect for getting ripped off of bags of mini Oreos.
Super fast projects and a super happy kiddo!  Are you ready for the last day of school?  We are!


Sis Patterson said...

Hurray for the last day of school!

Have a fabulous final day of 3rd grade, Piper! You look ready to go with your fabby shirt and treats!

Hrvatica said...

Fab shirt and end of year treats. Congrats to Piper on the successful completion of another school year.

D- said...

We still have 3 weeks of school left.

Ryan said...

We were supposed to send treats??? Hahaha

Ladybug said...

Looks like Piper is all set to have a fun summer vacation. Great way to have a last day of school. Would love to see teachers doing an egg toss!! And running barefoot in the hall? How cool is that!!

Your T-shirts are gorgeous. Nice way to commemorate the last day!! Cookie toppers are cute, too! :-) TFS!

Diane Hodrick said...

Sounds like a fun place to go to school...love the autographed tee. I need to make one....we are moving from RI to NC this summer. I'm sure my kids would love to have a wearable memory of the place they have gotten to live the longest so far in their short, well traveled lives. Super cute....kiddo and projects!

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