Sunday, October 17, 2010

Circle Blog Monthly Challenge for October!

This is my entry for the Circle Blog challenge CELEBRATING CREATIVITY. I knew from the moment that this challenge was announced, that I wanted to do a character in a Louie style of garment. I have been working on altering the clothing for die cut figures in order to pull this off.

This challenge requires using the 'shadow feature', patterned paper, and embellishments to create a scrapbook layout or home decor project. Patterned paper and embellishments are par for the course for me, but shadow feature is what makes this one a real challenge!

I have been waiting and hoping that I would get Shall We Dance for this project and then remembered my ignored Forever Young cart that is loaded with figures I have never used! My figure is from Forever Young (page 29), cut at 6". I hand-cut that dress with all its layers, bows, and pleats. I added rocaille beads and pearls. The headpiece features a peacock feather from French Manor (page 47), cut at 3/4". I added embossing powder and heat set it to get the glittery irridescent finish on the feather. The little butterfly is one I cut from a patterned paper. I cut this figure all in flesh color and then manually cut away her arms from her clothing. By adding the glove from Sentimentals (page 25), cut at 1/2", she has fingers! Her powdered wig is made by using Liquid Applique.

This is where that little detail about shadow feature got tricky. I really tried to think of just a shape that could be used for the requirement, but sometimes, the project really dictates what is needed. I wanted this figure to stand away from the base. I achieved this by reducing the saturation of the background colors, popping up the figure 3/8" off the page, and using the shadow feature. I cut the shadow for the figure on the cart and then hand-cut the outline of the skirt. Because Sentimentals does not have a shadow feature, I created a "shadow" of the feather by cutting it at 1". All the shadows were glued together and placed behind the figure.

The background took me longer to figure out than the figure. I wanted it muted and with an element that represented creativity - for me, that symbol is SCISSORS!! I love shadow quilting and used that concept to create my background. Shadow quilting is where shaped elements are sandwiched between a base fabric on the bottom and a sheer on top. The shapes are seen through the sheer and quilted around. This creates a new fabric! With this project, I used a beautiful paper by Melody Ross, covering up her text by super-imposing pieces I cut up from a second page. I glued on various embroidery scissors from Sentimentals in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2". (There are three styles on that cart and they are so beautiful! I was thrilled to get to use them all.) I covered the paper with a sheet of vellum. This reduced the saturation, or brightness, of the paper and looks like the scissors were part of the paper. I also printed a quote from Henry David Thoreau, "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." I wanted to emphasize the theme of Celebrating Creativity with this quote.

Since this is a home dec project, I wanted to find a way to finish it by framing it. Part of my goal in this is to learn alternative presentations; part is to follow the theme of creativity. I did this by creating a paper frame and paper ribbon hanger. I cut two inch strips of a beautiful Martha Stewart paper, mitered the corners, scored down the middle, and assembled it into a frame shape. I hand cut the ribbon and glued it all together. I am so happy with the presentation. I just didn't want to be stuck with a shadow box and wanted to create my own options.

The frame finishes at 11-1/2" by 11-1/2". The paper bow and hanging strips adds an additional 3-1/2" to the height of the project.

Thank you for looking at my entry!


Gina piazza said...

That, and all your work, is just so unique & exquisite!!
Thank you....

Noelle P said...

Nadia -

Another spectacular project. I love the time period you selected, and the shadow quilting through the use of vellum - WOW. The framing was wonderful too - ANOTHER GREAT PROJECT.

Carolyn/MamaC said...

I look forward to seeing all your creations! You have such a wonderful sense of beauty, line, and color! Thank you so much for sharing your craft with us! The shadow box is beautiful!

TR said...

I love the background paper.
Specially the scissors. :)
I just played with some embroidery
paint the other night. What fun stuff.

Happy Crafter said...

Just beautiful, you have taken this paper crafting to another level. Your work is just wonderful and so detailed...

Happy Crafter said...

Your work is just wonderful and you have taken this paper crafting to another level.

Connie said...

Once again, WOW! You have amazing talent!

Laura said...

This is so beautiful I can't believe it. You are incredibly imaginative and creative.

Therese said...

You are truly an artist!!It is always such a pleasure to see what your going to do next.What an imagination. AWESOME!

Nadia ( said...

Therese! I just left your blog! I just love your work! I became a follower! Your project was so much fun to see. I loved the details and photo angles. Beautiful blog too!

Therese said...

Thanks you so much for the compliment, I too felt the same way when I saw yours. I think we are 2 peas in a pod :)
Have an awesome evening and best wishes in the drawing.

Therese said...

Wow....Not exactly sure what to say but, Thank You!!!! The write up on you blog about my blog is very special. Your awesome! I have to laugh cuz I did not even have a clue what I was getting into and know look. Is a matter a fact Im so new at this I lost your link trying to edit things and cannot remember how to put it back on. I will figure it out soon.
Once again Thank You and I too look forward to every creation you make.

Nadia ( said...
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Nadia ( said...

Therese - You crack me up because that is the same thing that happened to me. I started using my old blog just to post my challenges and voila! During that weekend, I had 60 followers. I was just amazed.

I got up early today and worked on a Christmas ornament. I had to put in the 3D chair from Summer in Paris and make a 3D table (I used the bird cage stand from Serenade) after getting inspired from you!

I am just having fun with these new ideas. Thanks for sharing your work!

Now why does Colorado have to be so far from Kentucky?! You are definitely a person I would love to go to lunch with and talk about projects!


Therese said...

Fun.... I think we have struck a friendship here. Well funny thing is Im a flight attendant and on occassion I get to Kentucky, so maybe next time I get your direction we could do Lunch or Dinner. Have an awesome Evening

Natalie said...

Wow! Yet another beautiful project. Your creativity amazes me. I thought before reading this that the background was just printed paper.

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