Monday, October 25, 2010

Who's Afraid of Spiders? Boo! Challenge

This is my fun little entry for the Cricut Circle Blog: Weekly Challenge #4 BOO! Challenge
Create a Halloween project that incorporates some kind of transparent element (vellum, acrylic, plastic packaging, overlay, etc.)
I am having such a great time with the Mrs. Frankenstein figure on Happy Hauntings! The rendering of her face is just so pretty and the layers really are perfect. I have used the whole figure, and more recently, just the face cuts. I do plan to use her face when it is not Halloween -- without the green skin!
My personal challenge on this was to see just how much of a figure is needed in a scene. I am finding, like in this case, that the whole figure is often not needed to convey a message.

This has been the most technically difficult challenge on the blog for me. The obvious issue is with adhering transparent elements. Kudos to Jana for making us think! I used two transparent elements in my project. I knew I wanted to do another bath scene with this character to contrast an earlier one I did. You can check that out here. This time, I wanted the project to be brighter and less traditionally colored for Halloween. I used a bright paper for her background and placed vellum on top to mute the brightness slightly so it would not compete with the brightness of the figure's face. I wanted to demonstrate this by also using the same base paper as a mitered border without the vellum. (This is called 'making sure they know I used a transparent element'). The border also serves to hide the glue that holds the two together and that shows through!
The shower cap is my second transparent element. This is made from the protective shield that comes on Cricut Expression mats! I always keep them even after the mat is thrown out so I have lots of them to play with. I pleated it and then stitched it in place with thread. Then I stitched it to the paper figure! This solved my problem of adhering it to the head.
The figure's face was cut using The Bride of Frankenstein from Happy Hauntings, page 31, cut at 5". I hand-cut the hair and shoulder. I inked it all in black.
The tub is from Splish Splash and cut at 2-1/2". I used this tub at this size in a previous project. This time, I inked it and really like the effect. The shower rod and shower curtain were hand-cut. I really like the spider web paper. Why does she have spider web paper if she is afraid of spiders you ask? hmmm... Why do I have snake skin shoes if I hate snakes? Hard to say. I just like how that paper brings back the Halloween theme.
The hanging spider is also from Happy Hauntings, page 54, cut at 2".
I hope you like my project. Whacha think of hot pink for a Halloween color? I am thinking hot pink is good for all holidays!


WAM Family said...

Great!!! I think it is an original.
The whole shower girly monster is just stinkin cute.


flowerdisco said...

I really liked how you planned everything so well. I am very curious on how you made the shower curtain and what material did you use? Please, tell :) good luck in the challenge and tfs!

Nadia said...

The shower curtain is just paper I bought at Archivers- not sure of the brand. I folded it (like an accordion) and used a hole punch to make spaces for the shower rod to weave through. The shower rod is just a piece of silvery paper (Martha Stewart pearlescent finish silver paper) which is the same paper I used for the tub. I cut it in a long rectangle and just rolled it in a tube. Then I bent it back and glued it onto little circles that I punched out with a regular hole punch. Just paper - that's all. Hope that helps!

Got2BCrafting said...

Love it! I made a card similar to this one using an old SU stamp set called Bubble Queen. Of course, it didn't have a Mrs. Frankenstein nor was it as fabulous as this! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent.

TR said...

What did you use for the rod?
metalic Paper?
I don't like (actually hate) spiders.
but the webs intrigue me. I think
the little lady is my twin. :)

Favorite element:
I think the shower cap and head
construction! What a savvy technique.
(and the curtain of coarse :) )

ABCricut said...

Wow, I love both of your Bride of Frankenstein cards. Very imaginative and turned out awesome.

Nadia said...

Thanks for the nice comments!

TR - Yes, the shower rod is paper. It is not exactly metallic, more like a pearly finish.

Tanya said...

You never cease to amaze me with your talent! This card is just ...WOW! Great work as usual!

Marcjo said...

This card is amazing. I love the shower curtain and the contrast of the pink background paper.

gina piazza said...

Can I see into your mind for just a few minutes; I just want to know how you keep coming up with these awesome unique ideas... and then to execute them so well. WOW!!!! Thanks for inspiring me.

Kathy Files said...

I love, love your creations!!! As a fellow 3D crafter, you have knocked my socks off. I named your blog the Note Worthy Blog on my Forum you can find the link in my blog. super Work. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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