Thursday, December 20, 2012

Journal Your Christmas - Dec 19 Candy-Grams! and How to Wrap a Subscription

Earlier in the month, one of Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas prompts suggested showing this year's Christmas cards.  Well, I only just yesterday finished mine so......

This year's cards are actually Candy-Grams.  I found giant Godiva candy bars (salted caramel milk chocolate ones at that) and mailed those.  I gave them a cuteness makeover with Rudolph Bear.

I had an extra tag and used that on my left side.

I got them in the mail only yesterday.  I really should have made New Year's Candy-Grams instead I think. 

In the evening, I made more for my daughter's class for Friday's party using XL Hershey bars.  Her school doesn't allow the use of reindeer or Santa images so I used a simple snowflake.  Since the kids tend to tear into my packaging, I thought that was a smarter solution than to use an intricate, multi-piece cut.

The other silly thing I wanted to share was my solution for how to wrap a magazine subscription.  Tops on my father-in-law's wish list was a subscription to a tractor pull magazine.  I know the owner and they just don't offer any kind of card or 'wrappable' announcement so I made a mini magazine and placed it in a gift card box.  The note inside the mini-mag told the news of the gift.

Back to sewing today before work.  Yikes -- only five more days until Christmas!  So much more to do!  Thanks for checking my blog post today.  I hope you are on schedule with your Christmas gift crafting!



Sis Patterson said...

Wonderful!! Love your bears and snowflakes - and the tiny magazine - perfect!

I am woefully behind and think I will transition to "Warm Winter Wishes" crafts - that will give me until 21 March!

Your details and obvious joy in creating them make my days merry - thank you!

Sara Andrews said...

If it makes you feel better, my tins of candy are still sitting on the dining room table. Yikes!! I still haven't figured out where the last ten days went.

Wonderful projects Nadia!

moknowsall said...

thanks for all the posts on your Chrismas journal. I am impressed with your blog and projects. hapy holidays


Hrvatica said...

Terrific candy-grams and what a great way to wrap a magazine subscription.

MulticrafterAmy said...

Love it Nadia! I would love to be on your mailing list.

Gina piazza said...

So we haven't had internet while in the garage, and we are finally back in the house! One thing I was so looking forward to was reading all your blog posts, and oh boy!! what amazing & super stuff you have been doing! I love everything! I (we) are doing almost nothing this year; and my cards are going out even later than yours! but better late than never! What a fabulous journal/scrapbook you are creating! And all the other goodies you have been doing; how fun! (and gorgeous!)
I love, love love all of it!

Krysta said...

Love the Rudolph Bear image, where is he from? Is he a .cut, .svg, image I'd love to make one for Christmas thank you's!

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