Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Journal Your Christmas - Dec 9 and 10

I think this is cheating.... but I did it anyway!  Sunday and Monday were "twin" days for me.  I spent my time at the funeral home and rushed back to work on updating the books in the office.  Even though Monday was our 10th wedding anniversary, our other obligations took the day.  Because Monday seemed like a repeat of Sunday (aside from church services), I combined the pages in my journal.

The main photo for this day is actually one I snapped the day after Thanksgiving.  We put up our Christmas trees that day and my daughter, Piper, decorated her room, including this mini tree for her dolls.  It cracked me up that she stood her doll up on a chair and I loved her imagination.

On the left page, I created a pocket to place a memorial card from the funeral and visitation for my Great Aunt that occurred these two days.  I also placed a picture of Piper helping with one of the trees (a first) and a mini wedding picture (in honor of our anniversary).  I made little hand-written notes on the backs of the photos.  I love interactive albums so the idea that pictures and notes were tucked in (and can be easily plucked out and examined) really appeals to me.

I made a little tag with a key charm and journaled my thoughts from the funeral on it.  I learned during the service on Monday that my Great Aunt liked to write poetry.  Some of her poems were read during the service.  One of her poems was about painting happiness.  I loved that image.  I realized that choosing to be happy was the key to success in her life.

Thank you for checking my blog post today!  I am loving how this journal is combining things that are meaningful to my family combined with the day-to-day things going on each day of the month.  ...And I like the freedom to make my own rules on this book!



Sis Patterson said...

Beautiful and touching pages. Your Great Aunt was an inspiration. And Happy Anniversary to you and Tom!

Hrvatica said...

Lovely pages. I try not to get too hung up on rules with my projects - so I wouldn't ever characterize what you did as cheating.

I'm envious of you getting to watch Piper at play showing her imagination. Mine are past that stage, but I remember fondly sitting back and enjoying it while it lasted.

susan crafts said...

i am loving your daily journal. i too like the variety of the events and the variety of the pictures which signify what is meaningful to you and yours on that given day. this is truly an inspiration. thank you for sharing.

Caroline said...

What beautiful pages. Caroline xxx

Unknown said...

Life events happen all the time, you just had several all at once! Yet, you separated them into this journal so beautifully. All the detail and creativity is wonderful! Amazing!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Wow I haven't by to visit you in a while :(. So sorry to hear about the passing of your great aunt. You captured the memories of that day very nicely on your journal.

Hope you and your hubby had a wonderful wedding anniversary!

cdm317 said...

I am behind on the blog visiting, but wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. Your daily pages are beautiful and your daughter is so endearing! The picture of her decorating the little tree with her doll's help is priceless.
I hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

gypsyrps said...

Wow, what a fantastic job. i love the angels! They are so
so precious. I hope to make a book like that for my daughter some day. I love all your projects as they are so incredible. Thanks for sharing them!!
Have a beautiful and blessed Christmas!

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